Bless the pain

As difficult as it is to experience pain in our lives, there is always a lesson learned that benefits us in our future. You don’t see it or feel it in the midst of this pain but always know that the light at the end of the tunnel can be reached. Experience your pain, don’t avoid it, and keep your eyes open for the light. It will come….


5 thoughts on “Bless the pain

  1. As hard as it is to Bless ones pain, it really can open up our eyes and hearts to see what our pain is trying to show us.
    We just need to be still and pay attention to our pain so we can live freely within ourselves.

  2. I enjoyed reading this and it really speaks to me. Maybe a dumb question, but, SOMETHING needs to MAKE me dance first! My question: What makes one dance when one does not want to dance? The will? Choice? The daily grind of everyday life can be overwhelming at times, even for those of us who practice a deep, meaningful faith. What do you believe, Cindy? Thank you for this blog! Think I’m gonna like it! LOVE, Lisa

    • Ohhh Lisa, there are days where I have no idea where I can even begin to muster up the strength to head to dance. I do one of 2 things; I push my butt out the door, moaning and groaning in my head, I walk lazily into class…and then the music starts, jokes start from my dance friends, we start to move and smile and laugh and…all my moaning and groaning miraculously disappears! Sometimes, we do have to push our bodies even when our mind says no. The second choice is, don’t go. There are times where rest is needed and we need to replenish what has been depleted in our bodies. If the choice is to rest, then rest, but be productive with your rest. Don’t deplete yourself with other “things”. Take a bath, read a book, watch a movie, meditate, pray, but be sure you are replenishing yourself spiritually. Once you take time to pay attention and fill your inner self you will be ready to dance out the door!

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