Joie de Vivre!

What is it that brings true joy to your life? Sit with this question, close your eyes, breathe into it and think and feel what brings you happiness. It’s okay if nothing comes to you right now, many of my clients have difficulty answering this question, especially those who have focused on making others happy throughout their lives. If you practice this exercise daily it will come. Pay attention, when you laugh, smile, and feel the warmth inside during an activity or event, that might be something you choose to incorporate into your life.

One of the things that brings me joy is dance! It’s a fun movement of the body, great music that allows you to feel and connection with friends. And believe me, there are plenty of laughs in a room full of women ages 18-60 with different levels of dance experience. Last week, one of my friends yelled out in the middle of a dance that she was hungry for a hamburger! Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter in the room, especially when the dancers daughter is the teacher! It did get me craving a strawberry milkshake though and I promptly got one on my way home! Anyway, the point is, how you feel after exercising your mind, body, spirit and emotion is beyond any high an outer substance can bring you. And the only side effect? Joie!!!


16 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre!

  1. Cindy,

    This is Great!
    I was laughing hard about the teacher yelling out that she wanted a hamburger during the dance.
    What a wonderful way to exercise the body, mind and spirit through dance.
    Dancing is a beautiful way of expressing oneself on so many levels.
    Cindy, this is a fantastic site and I am looking forward to reading more of what you write.

  2. More, more! I can’t wait to read more! This is so great Cyn. I like that your first entries were about joy and pain. The two sisters. You write beautifully And it’s so exciting to able to read your thoughts and so great that you have some place to share them. I think I can link to your blog from mine. I am going to go give it a try. xo, Louise

    • Thank you, thank you sista! Yes, joy and pain…opposites that are needed to fully feel and foster inner growth. Were you able to link to me? Let me know as I am still learning…also a spark that keeps spirit livin’!

  3. What gives me joy? A lot of things…as a first grade teacher, I get random hugs not only from my students, but as I walk down the hall, children will hug me from behind that I had in years past…What a great job! More things….My dog lying on my feet sighing, taking a yoga class, walking in the woods, being ‘done’ with a swim workout, visiting my college kids….and keeping in touch with you!

    • Sue, I love your list of gratitude! I can only imagine how you must feel when past students see you and give you hugs…an inner warmth that’s hard to describe, I bet. It makes it ALL worth it, doesn’t it? Most times, it’s the simpler things that truly fill us. Funny thing is, most things on your list are on my list! No surprise there:) Thank you for your thoughts and ideas to help others on this site.

  4. I love the reminder for mindfulness in our daily activities. Moving to music is so uplifting! No matter what my mood or energy level when I walk into dance class, it is always much improved when I leave.

  5. Sources of joy can also change with the seasons. For me, currently, joy comes from lacing up my hockey skates. To be sitting along the bench with my buddies as we tug the laces to just the right tightness is a special time. The laughter and joking can’t be beat. In the locker room we’re not rich or poor, young or old, powerful or pawn. We’re just wannabee hockey players who are glad to see each other and to share our concerns and delights as we anticipate the game.
    And then we skate 🙂

    Joie… ayh, boys !

    ( u have to say that w a French Canadian accent since it’s a hockey theme 😉

    • Bonjour Paul! I feel joie just reading about your hockey experience! It appears to me that you have been doing your inner work because you are seeing the light in the simple things close to your heart. SUSTAINING joy always comes from the inside out. Keep filling your inner world and your outer world will continue to shine! Great to hear from you!

  6. Hello Cynthia!
    You will surely know who I am… My dancing shoes have been traded in for my sheepskin slippers these days. (smile) Now that’s happiness for this ‘ole croney~

  7. Bam!! you did it again! Joie de Vivre…the joy of life. Nuria and I see a lot of it in France of course because we’re always there for business and are constantly drawn into kicking back at an outdoor cafe for tea and watching the world go by, or walking for hours on one of the many promonades throughout the country. The last time we were there I wrote a song called ” Joie De Vivre”….and there it is on your site!!! Don’t you just love these connections?!

  8. Always connected Norm, and no surprise we titled our writing and lyrics the same! I want a cd of that song, along with your latest music….it always soothes my soul! And now I have to go put an “R” in my Vive! haha

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