Reach for the Orange!

Especially during this time of year where the candy and cookies abound it is important to keep your eye on the prize!  The prize being you, of course.  What goes through your mind when you start to reach for that cookie when you’ve already had 2 or 3 or 4….?  You know it’s not healthy for your body to consistently overindulge,  so when you reach for the sugary substance pay attention to your thoughts.  Are you not feeling okay with yourself today?  Are you trying to fill yourself with food instead of doing the inner work you know fills you?  Whenever we depend on an unhealthy outer substance to fill us we only get a false sense of wholeness.  Think about it, you eat, drink, ingest the false filler, you tell yourself this feels great, then you come down and you don’t feel so good.  It’s not really your friend, it only pretends to be…to hook you.  If you don’t pay attention and love your body and yourself enough it will be the one eating you!

So…I suggest you reach for the orange!  The orange being the metaphor for many healthy ingredients we can happily put into our bodies.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t treat ourselves to sweets on occasion but you know when too much is too much.  Be honest with yourself.  Listen to your mind and your body.  Are you jiggling more than you like when you run down those stairs?  Been there!  Are you more lethargic during the day?  Been there!  Are you more irritable?  Been there too!  We constantly get messages from our body, spirit and mind….pay attention and nurture you!  If you treat your body like a temple it will shine!


6 thoughts on “Reach for the Orange!

  1. I lost alot of weight this year because of stress.
    Now I am coming out of my intense pain and wanting to nourish my body. I now can’t seem to eat enough it is like my body is saying you are good enough to care and nourish yourself.
    I have noticed throughout my life that our emotional well being is so important in order to maintane our physical well being:) So I am reaching for many oranges!! Great job on the blog Cin:) Love ya, Patty

    • Yes! And so important to remember that we are treasures just as we are. If we truly hold that in our inner core, and believe it, the environment and people around us cannot dictate our emotional state. This is not an easy task for many, but with daily work and mindfulness, change will happen! Keep being who you are sis…you are GOLDEN!! Love ya too!

  2. So true! and the beauty of it is that the more we reach for the orange the less we think about reaching for the crap. It’s about retraining ourselves and breaking the cycle. It took me years to figure out that emotional eating is basically just putting a temporary bandaid over whatever we are eating about-we feel sad or nervous or bored so we eat when we aren’t even hungery. Then what happens? We feel sadder and even more disgusting. Reach for the orange and go for a walk! Or sometimes maybe what we really need is just a hug 🙂

  3. I had another orange thought: Several years ago I read that Isaac Mizrahi drinks orange juice when he gets stressed before one of his shows etc. He said that it works wonders. So I have been doing that for awhile and he is so right. Far better than drinking coffee or something sugary or taking a valuim or whatever. Drinking orange juice is what led me to be being such a big orange lover. Nothing like sucking your teeth into a good orange, right? But I don’t think an orange is as soothing as orange juice when you are stressed so I say drink the juice then. Probably has something to do with when we were babies and loved to nurse or have a bottle to calm us down?
    This being said- when you are at a party or during the holidays when there is “a cookie in every corner” (as my doctor says) or even at home with a batch of cookies in the cupboard, do you really want an orange? No way! So have something sweet to eat but just keep it to 3 bites- like 3 small cookies or 3 (big!) bites of ice cream. This way you aren’t feeling deprived.
    3 bites can be very satisfying and it’s really all we usually need. Plus when you know you are only going to have 3 bites you really enjoy each one.

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