Even in the Quietest Moments…

Ok, so who remembers that Supertramp song so many of us listened to in high school?  It certainly brings back memories for me.  The key phrase is “quietest moments”, and what you do with those moments.  Do you sit with the quiet or do you race through it?  I suggest you sit with it, even if it feels uncomfortable.  There are no monumental thoughts required.  Just be and see what comes.  Some of you may be surprised to experience what comes to a quiet mind.  Some of you may experience nothing.  Whatever comes or doesn’t come is fine.  Just be, and allow the quiet.  Don’t be afraid of it, welcome it.  If you wish,  repeat a mantra, prayer or just focus on your breath.  If your mind wanders, that’s ok,  just come back to it.  Take 10 minutes out of your day and just be…how do you feel?


3 thoughts on “Even in the Quietest Moments…

  1. I love that song Cyn. I think it will end up being one of my life time favorites.
    The other day I went for a run on the bike path near my house. It had snowed that morning and it was just gorgeous. At the end of the run I usually walk through the woods for a bit before I get back to the road. The utter quietness and beauty overtook me. I stopped to take it all in. I gazed around, I looked up at the sky and took in a deep breath. And do you know what I did next? I fell to the ground and cried. Yep. It had been such an intense few months of traveling, and sending my 18 year daughter off on her own to the other side of the world, not to mention the holidays- that I just cried.
    This happens so rarely but when it does it is one of the biggest gifts in the world. Nature can sometimes strike such a deep cord within us that only the truth can come out.

    • Thank you so much for this Lou. What a beautiful rendition of what just “being” in the quiet of nature can bring out in you… and touch your soul. And btw, I can remember many a day and night riding along in Agnes and singing along to that tune with you! What fun we had!

  2. How cool! I just heard that song the other day, and I absolutely love it! Used to listen to that album all day long…Very peaceful, everytime I think of that piano sitting on top of the snow on that mountain…wow. Thanks! Shalom.

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