In our fast paced culture it is natural to become self focused.  We run so quickly and move to meet the needs of our children, partners, clients, co-workers, pets…the list goes on.  By the end of the day we feel depleted.  Oftentimes, people will attempt to fill their depletion with outer material things.  It’s a temporary fix and never fills the inner spirit that requires nurturing.

What does fill the inner spirit is connecting to outer spirit.  Step outside of yourself and tune in to the AWE of life!  Notice the beauty that nature brings you.  Don’t rush by the butterfly on the vine, stop and notice the color and movement of its wings, recognize the signs that come to you as messages from angels, give gratitude to God when someone thanks you for helping them, think of, or speak to, loved ones who have crossed through the veil, smell the dew on the trees during your morning run, sloooow down and take it all in.  There is NOTHING that fills you or gives you the inner warmth you feel when you truly connect to spirit.

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open today, who knows what AWE the universe will bring you!


4 thoughts on “AWE

    • I would love to link with you Gisele, and as I wrote on your blog, it appears we share similar insights and experiences, especially through the loss of our dads. I miss him terribly but I feel him with me all the time. That brings a comfort beyond description. I recommend anyone reading this to go to Gisele’s blog and read her writings and poem about her dad. Just beautiful.

      • Thank you Cynthia. It is by all of us sharing our spiritual experiences that we influence even more of humanity to connect with each our own truth. Do have a great day!

  1. As a song writer of many years I have to say that you have put into words the description of the place I go when a song and a melody come through…as a gift. You just allow nature with it’s ultimate wisdom to show the way. Thank you for painting these beautiful mental pictures! I will bring them with me today.

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