If any of you saw the movie,  “You, Me & Dupree”  with Owen Wilson, you will appreciate the humor in finding your “ness” today:D  What is your “ness”?  Mine is nothing-ness!  We all need a day to do nothing…well, maybe with a little fun mixed in.   I am managing to fit in a little walk, and maybe a little shopping with my girls, but it feels good to think about doing nothing.  No obligations, no deadlines, no cleaning, no laundry!

Find your “ness” today and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Nothing-ness

  1. I love the concept of “ness”! Such as the such-ness of this moment. I believe the more balanced we are between our thoughts and consciousness of our true being (every thing but our thoughts) the more the universe works in wonderful connecting ways. Like your blog for example. I’ve been thinking recently about you and wondering what you are up to and hoping there is joy in your life…and there it is!

    • And the universe certainly connected us today…so wonderful to hear from you bro! Your words of wisdom are always so enlightening and refreshing:) Hope to hear some new music from you soon, as it is always a piece of the balance of life! I’m adding to my links as you and Nuria provide beautiful charm from Provence:) Sending love to you and the wondrous hills of Cali!

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