Sister and Brotherhood

“Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King, and recognize that there are ties between us, all men and women living on the earth, ties of hope and love, sister and brotherhood…”      ~James Taylor,  “Shed a little Light” lyrics

May today be a reminder to treat all that walk this earth with love and respect.  Regardless of color, race, religion, gender, size, 2 legged or 4 legged, may we send out genuine love and forgiveness for past struggles.  For it is in these actions that we rise above the “muck” of life and feel the warmth of the sun.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated for us, it is better to live peace than fight for peace.

Find your peace today, with yourself, with others, and pass it on.


4 thoughts on “Sister and Brotherhood

  1. So true Cynthia. It made me think of a little tune that the childrens favorite TV host, Mr. Roberts used to sing…”won’t you be my neighbor”. It may seem simple, but the meaning is definitely there for everyone. A Raven

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