Stop, Drop & Roll

In an emergency fire, the experts recommend that you stop, drop & roll to give you a better chance of survival and save your life.  I recommend the same in keeping with the survival of our spiritual wellness.  Preventative damage control is crucial  in keeping our soul in balance.  Out of balance, we are likely to get burned.

Stop!  Stay in the present moment.  Right now you don’t need to worry about the past or the future.  Sit with “now” and allow the energy of life to flow to you.  Look at your feet.  That’s where you are, all is well and good and that’s all you have to think about in this moment.  If  the concerns start to take over, bring yourself back to the present.  Each step you take in this moment will bring you to your intended destination.

Drop to your knees!  As painful as it can seem to be, humility is nourishment for the soul.  It is when we are humbled that we finally see the forest through the trees.  Our hearts open and we see the light in others more.  We tend to give more and feel fulfilled in our daily life.  It is when the ego takes control that we begin to feel the emptiness.  The ego is not always a bad thing, it can spur you on to reach certain goals,  but when it is leading your life it depletes your spirit.  The ego constantly searches for outer approval and will trample on others to hear the applause.  It’s a lonely road back to reality.

Roll with the tide…allow life to ebb and flow, and expect that it will.  We all have ups and downs.  When the “downs” come, know that it won’t stay that way forever.  It is in the down time that we gain strength and learn to appreciate the “ups” of life!  The light is so much sweeter when we’ve recently experienced the dark.  Roll, don’t control.

And lastly, a little rock n’ ROLL never hurt anyone, so get out there and have some FUN!!


4 thoughts on “Stop, Drop & Roll

  1. Definitely like the Rock n Roll part…(big grin!)
    Do we ever have to let go, of the” let go” urge? Grounded, humble and go with the flow.
    Good post Cynthia.

  2. It is hard to stay in the now…sometimes fears of the future unknown creep in or sometimes it is the past that haunts us. I know I am happiest and most grateful when I can stay in the present. Thanks for the reminder.

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