Angel Speak

Recognize and give thanks to all angels that come to you today.  Some walk this earth, some are more ethereal in nature, others make themselves known in your everyday existence.  Notice that nudge that comes to you in your sleep, or that feather that lightly touches your cheek.  It is very likely that your angel is giving you a message of love, hope, guidance, faith, and letting you know that you are not alone.  Never alone.  Always wrapped in angels wings…

I’d love to hear your angel stories/experiences….


8 thoughts on “Angel Speak

  1. Cindy,

    Well I have something Beautiful to share.
    About 3 years ago, I was praying all day for hours, for all those who I love and ever knew.
    I then took a ride up this mountain where there was this magnificent view of Ojai.
    I sat up there for about an hour and continued to pray.
    Something told me to take a picture of the sky with my cell phone.
    When I looked at the picture after I took it , I was completely Amazed.
    There within the pic was Jesus!!!!
    Now at this point I thought maybe I was imagining it or losing it.
    So I decided to ask these two women that were up there on the mountain sitting, what they saw in the pic. I didnt tell them a thing of what I saw.
    One of the women said…..”that is Jesus”!
    I knew then I hadn’t lost my mind!
    Since that most Beautiful moment, my life has never been the same!

    • Oh Maria, soooo beauteous! Reading this gave me chills, almost like what one might experience with the white light and the presence of God in a near death experience. What a treasure to hold with you forever!

  2. Crossing country and stranded in an area in the desert in the ’70’s the Mustang lost all water from the radiator. A hundred mile stretch with nothing in between only desert, cactus and heat. No cars came along for a long time. I asked Spirit to please send someone as my son was with me. A huge white car came along and a man got out dressed in white no less, and just walked up and said, “you need water don’t you”? My mouth dropped open. He had several jugs of water in the trunk and helped us out. He left and I never saw him along the way on the route again. Usually across country on a long stretch you see some people over and over again. But no, he just was gone. I truly believe he was an Earth Angel sent to us. Just one of my many experiences. ~Raven

  3. Angels/spiritual entities are everywhere. We just need to learn to pay attention. When I began writing about 10 years ago I had many experiences involving spirits. They showed up in photographs I was led to take and for a time I had a muse who helped me write. then along came my guide, whom I chose to call Richard (an angel without wings). We had a personal relationship for several years. The most important spiritual being in my life right now is Jophiel, an Archangel who focuses on positive thoughts. He/she never ceases to help me re-focus when I ask.
    For more specific information please check out my blog:

  4. In the beautiful countryside of Virginia, one day in Bluemont, while coming home from riding in a fox hunt, and just finishing up with my cousin, Edie, tend to the Huntsman’s hounds (which was my contribution to Edie for allowing me the pleasure of riding horses in the second field of the hunt every Sunday), we were coming home feeling wonderfully satisfied and contented with the day. We came upon the scene of an accident; a motorcycle accident with one man lying still on the ground. It was a country road – one that connected 2 larger roads, a cut-thru, if you will. We stopped and got out, and there were a few other people already there. I knew CPR and first aid, so I felt compelled and obligated to go right up to help. It was as if everyone were standing back – not doing anything – and waiting. Edie waited in the front seat of the trailer. I motioned her to call 911. I asked someone else to call 911. No one’s cell phone worked. I got down next to this man, who was dressed in black leather head to toe, who was unconscious. I looked up and saw a man, very gentle looking to me, with brown hair in a short pony tail, standing above him. He said to me, “Be careful, don’t move him.” And I remember unzipping his jacket and looking for blood, etc. But I never moved him. The motorcylist’s friend was standing right there, said that a deer had jumped out right in front of them and hit his friend and caused the accident. It was a bad one. An ambulance arrived, so someone must have gotten through on a cell phone, different service provider kind of thing. I remember distinctly looking up and seeing that nice man walking back up the street a very short distance, and go up a driveway. When paramedics took over, I got back into the horse trailer and Edie and I drove away and recounted the exact same story – she saw the man standing there, and said she saw an aura above the motocyclist’s head. We both know what we saw. We felt like we had helped in a good way. The next weekend, when we drove the exact same course on the way home, be were looking “at the scene” and expecting it to line up the same way as we saw it the weekend before – I could not find the driveway that the man had walked up, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT THERE! To this day, I have always believed that gentle face I saw was that man’s guardian angel, there to guide me to protect him. I never had the courage to pry and follow up on that motorcyclist’s welfare, but know that he was being protected by an angel – was it his or mine? Amazing, how most people only “see what they wanna see.” I see perfectly with my eyes shut. Thanks, Cindy, for having this exact place to once again share that amazing ethereal experience…I had almost forgotten…another beautiful day in the country with Edie xoxo

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