Humor Us!

A dose of humor many times a day is one of the best remedies for an ailing heart and mind.  When you laugh, your whole attitude changes and you are suddenly catapulted to a different place in time.  So search out those activities that bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your belly!

For those of you who read my recent post, “Joie de Vivre”, you may recall my dance class and the joy it brings me.  Not only does dance bring a smile to my face but the connection with the women in my class often brings big  laughs.  This week, we’re dancing along and concentrating on our deep earthy African moves, and all of a sudden my friend yells out, “my ovary hurts”!  I’m still laughing as I write this… how does she come up with this stuff?  I’m just grateful that she does, comic relief is a beautiful thing.  Anyway, the saga continued, my other friend pulls out this little heat packet she had, hands it to my “ovary” friend who placed it over her ovary area and continued to dance!  For those of you picturing this scene, I hope you are laughing right now, and enjoying one of your daily doses, because mine is repeating on me!

So laugh, laugh, laugh, and sing, sing, sing, otherwise, none of it means a thing, thing, thing!


8 thoughts on “Humor Us!

  1. This is so true….I am going to a Laughter seminar in a couple of weeks and can not wait to learn more about humor and how it sparks your life. My goal each day is to laught out loud and feel terrific.

  2. A child in my first grade class held up his middle finger to another child at lunch. When I called home to report this, his mother said he had no idea what he was doing and just made a “wrong choice” with his finger. So, we laugh at work daily as we pass each other in the hall, giving each other “the pinky” or “the pointer”.

  3. This particular post made me laugh so hard I cried. You have to know I asked the person who gave the little heat packet if I could put it in the microwave to reheat and she said no. I, of course, did not believe her and put it in there and went to get my pj’s on. Well let me tell you, I have no idea what is in those little packets but I am still trying to get the smoke smell out of my house!

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