Energy Vampires

Are there certain personalities you spend time with, and when you leave them, you feel depleted?  Do you feel drained and begin to take on their negative energy?  If you answered yes to these questions, you are very likely spending time with an “energy vampire.”  They are people who feel so empty within themselves that they pull from your energy in an attempt to fill themselves up.  They have no consideration for others and will gladly take your energy at any opportunity.  Your kindness may fill them temporarily, but they soon return for a refill before you can catch your breath, and you become the empty one!  You cannot, and will not, “fix” this person and make them feel better, they have to do the internal work themselves.

So how do you keep your own energy tank full while spending time with these personalities?  Boundaries, boundaries and more boundaries!  Tell them NO, guilt free.  They will very likely not listen to you, and attempt to cross the boundary anyway, but you need to stand your ground.  Don’t answer the phone when that tenth call of the day comes in, tell them it’s not a good time when they come to your door, stop the conversation when you’ve been listening nonstop for hours.  These are just some examples, I’m sure you have your own experiences.  The main thing is that you set limits in order to preserve your own healthy balance.

Don’t allow ANYONE to steal your peace.   It is your birthright to live a life full of happiness.  Embrace it!


8 thoughts on “Energy Vampires

  1. Cindy,

    This is the absolute truth!
    These ‘energy vampires’ will suck the life out of you if you don’t set up your boundaries.
    I love everything you said about how to maintain your peace and not give your energy out to these negative sorts!
    I have had too many experiences with these ‘energy vampires’ in my life and have definitely learned what the meaning of boundary is!!!
    If one finds themselves leaking in any of their chakras when they are around these types of negative sorts, it is time to run fast in the opposite direction.
    Otherwise your energy will be sapped dry and you will feel low and tired.
    This is great guidance you have spoke about Cindy.

    • I do have something else to add to this.
      And that is if one finds themself around this type of energy, say a prayer for that person.
      It will truly neutralize the negative energy you are feeling and will help the “Energy Vampire”.
      It really can be hard to do this when in the moment you may want to scream but it really does work.

      • Thank you Maria, I so much agree. When you send prayers to that negative energy you increase your own inner strength. Keep this strength because if one softens too much the “energy vampire” will key in to your vulnerability and find a way in.

  2. What you write is so true. I have learned to ask my divine guidance to wrap me up with a protective bubble of light whenever I start feeling someone’s low energy or find an excuse to leave. When and if I forget to do that, I quickly find myself ‘getting low’ and can no longer be of positive influence to anyone. Keep up the good writing Cynthia.

  3. Sometimes there isn’t any easy solution other than (blankity-blank)… or offer them a quarter and tell them to call someone who cares. A parasite will not get off your back or quit stealing your sanity by always being nice to them. Blunt…but true.

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