I Love You, Dad

Today is my father’s birthday.  He left this earth to fly with the angels 17 years ago.  The thing is, my dad was an angel on this earth.  For those of you who knew him, you know what I mean.  I cry as I write this, thinking of so many memories.  He was a guy who was always there when you needed him.  Not only was he a father of 8 children, he took some others under his wing as well.  Always the dad with the stop watch at the swim meets, always on time to pick us up at the club, always the one you could depend on, literally the glue of our family.  The sound of his whistle is so clear to me, right now, as I sit here in silence.  As my brother, Norm, wrote in one of his songs….”Oh Brayley Road the country in my soul, how I miss those days on old Brayley Road….and I can taste those macintosh apples in the spring time sun, and I can smell those lilacs bloomin’ when the mornin’ comes, and I can hear my daddy’s whistle a mile down the road, just the feeling I get right now makes me want to go down…old Brayley Road, the country in my soul, how I miss those days on old Brayley Road.”

My dad left me a dime last night.  It is one of the many ways he lets me know he’s still with me.  I find them in various conspicuous places.  It gives me comfort to know that I can talk to him at any time, night or day.  He especially shows his presence around his birthday, and Valentine’s Day, the day before he passed.  So fitting for such a sweetheart.  I love you, Dad.

Remember those you love, today and always.  They are treasures that may move to another dimension, but they can never be lost.


There was a man, and he was tall and strong

And he ran right through my life

He was sharp and funny, but he was quiet most of the time

And he is the eagle in my soul

He carried me over my doubts, there in the rain he washed them out

And into the sun he lets them fly

Knowing that love will never die

And I saw him running once, and with his hair blowin’ in the wind

He seemed to me to be the greatest man that ever lived

And I wonder, as I think of him, and a tear drop fills my eye

Does he know, that love of his, still runs right through my life

Song by Norm Weintraub, Jr. (my bro)


19 thoughts on “I Love You, Dad

  1. I see your blog today as a birthday gift to your dad and to each person that will come to read it. As soon as I began reading it, I could feel my own dad (who’s in the same dimension as yours) wrapping me up with with a big fluffy blanket of unconditional love. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh Cindy,

      What a Beautiful dedication to your Dad!
      How precious to have shared such Love together!
      I love that he left you a dime today to let you know he is around you!!!
      What a wonderful gift of Love!
      This is an heartwarming rememberance!

  2. Cindy-
    You are (& continue to be) so eloquent & thoughtful. This is a beautiful rememberence of Norm—he would be very touched, and so very proud of the woman you’ve become. And the “Brayley Road” song brought a tear to my eye (as you would expect). I, too, often miss the Brayley Road days….

    • Oh Karen, reading your words brought a tear to my eye! We had many happy & crazy memories on ol’ Brayley Road, didn’t we? I was so blessed to have you as my neighbor, and call you friend:)

  3. Cynthia, as your dad looks down on you from Summerland his loving Light will surround your life always. It is good to have such memories to carry with you. That is the really important part of life, creating memories to leave to those we love. Love to you dear one.

  4. got me cryin’…..loved the dime story Cin. I haven’t heard much from him in a while though to be honest…accept for that time several years ago when I was weeding under an old olive tree in the back yard and this breeze came up out of nowhere on a totally still day…and as the wind passed through the olive leaves I looked up and I knew it was him. So I play that song that this experience inspired quite often at my performances. Thanks for getting me thinking and feeling dad again Cin….he was a quiet man ..but his message was loud and clear..and very comforting

  5. Ok Sis your killing me!! Of course I sit here with tears running down my face! What a beautiful tribute. He really was such an amazing man that was the glue to our family. Without him I don’t believe we all would have turned out to be the caring and good people we have all become. He keeps me going on so many levels. This morning on my way to work I had a little conversation saying dad whats this all for and could hear him say I’m right her next to you just keep on going don’t give up. I have to say you are an amazing writer and dad would be so proud of what your doing! Love you dad and love you Cin:)

    • You know I love you to pieces, sis, and so does dad! I know he was sitting right next to you, with his arm around you, telling you to never give up! Did you have Gabriel’s song, “Don’t Give Up”, playing in the background?:) I wouldn’t be surprised, it is all so serendipitous. We are all enveloped in his angel’s wings….

  6. Your Dad was such a wonderful man and he was always so kind to me…..I will never forget that smile and his happy being….he was such a good man to know and I am so thankful that I knew him in my life. You have me crying too!

    • Oh Cindy, I was hoping your read this one. You knew him as long as I did, or longer! He always loved you too:) I think the reason we all cried while reading this (and me while writing it) is because of the person he was. Really, beyond words….

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