If I am Perfect, You will Love Me

How many of you out there have gotten caught in the trap of “perfection” as a means of getting the love you crave?  Yes, I said trap.  It becomes a prison and a never ending battle that only leaves you exhausted.  If it is love you are wanting in your life, I suggest you look inside to find the joy.  What makes you happy?  What can you include in your daily existence that brings a smile to your face?  Connection to people, places and things that are in alignment with your core values and beliefs will not only allow you to keep your spirit in tact, it will allow you to fly!

When you attempt to “people please” to gain approval of someone else, you often become someone you’re not.  The authentic self is diminished and so is your self esteem.  For those of you who do this (and you know who you are), is it ever enough?  Be honest with yourself.  One tactic doesn’t work, so you try another one.  Before you know it, your self respect gets lost, and so does the respect of the person you are trying to please.

So take the chance of pleasing yourself and see what happens!  The truer you are to your heart’s desire the more it all miraculously falls into place.  Pick up your pieces and soar!


7 thoughts on “If I am Perfect, You will Love Me

  1. I have the problem of perfection. I do feel that if I’m perfect enough people will love me. I am working on doing the best I can and my true friends will love and care regardless of how perfect I am. It is something on work on everday. Progress not perfection:)

    • It is a lonely place, isn’t it Mary? Tap into what makes you happy, don’t be afraid to say NO, and experience how it makes you feel. It takes time, practice and patience, but it can be done! It’s nice to be in touch:)

  2. Love yourself as you are, unconditionally. If you feel you have to please someone else by being thin enough, doing everything they want, saying OK when you want to yell…time to give them the boot. Love in all directions should feel comfortable. If it feels any other way or creates doubts in your personal self that is the answer isn’t it? Been there; done that.

  3. I love this quote that I have above my phone ” Do what you love, love what you do.” They should hand this out to kids in pre-school and get them on the right track early because really it is such a simple thing to follow your heart when you are use to it.

    I also heard another good quote “Perfection is the highest form of self abuse.” God I love this! This is the one though that I have to remind myself of frequently.

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