Confessions of a Spa Junkie

Ok, I confess, put me in a spa full of personal pamperings and I’m like a kid in a candy store!  I’ll have one of those, two of those and five of those!  Everything about a spa rejuvenates and relaxes me, and centers my soul.  From the music to the aromatherapy to the sound of the waterfall, not to mention the amazing treatments.  Massages, facials, pedicures,  manicures and special treats like mud baths, “lavender dreams” and “the balancing waters ritual”.

That being said, it is important to keep even “healthy” activities in perspective to avoid an “unhealthy” environment.  Anything taken to an extreme can cause chaos and conflict.  If I went to the spa everyday, all day, my bank account would be empty and my family would be full of neglect.  Balance is key.

Find that something that feeds your soul.  As long as it’s a “healthy” filling and  your life is in balance, you will feel the benefits in all aspects of your daily living.  After a massage, I am so much more receptive, and kinder, to those around me.  My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components are in sync and my intuition is clearer.  All pathways are open to the offerings of the universe.

What is it that brings a smile to your heart and a jump to your step?  Take a dip into the sweet delicacies of life and feel the freedom!


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Spa Junkie

  1. How Funny Cindy, I just had a massage a half hour ago!!
    I hadn’t had one in years……it was heaven!!!
    It was a gift my daughter bought me for X-mas.
    It is always good to treat yourself to this sort of pampering on occasion.
    It truly rejuvenates the soul, body and mind!
    I am so relaxed at the moment.
    I love what you said about balancing this type of feel good stuff out.
    If one is always seeking the feel good but not working on their inner self then things won’t be in sync.

  2. haven’t had a massage in ages!…after reading this I think I’ll make a reservation!….or maybe I’ll just ask my wife Nuria if she wants to go to lunch at some extravagant place in San Francisco. Who knows …but thank you for putting some good natured feel good mischief thoughts in my head!
    Really loving your wisdom filled insights!

  3. Reading would be my healthy confession. Once I start a book that I love, nothing else gets done until the book is finished. In the summer when I’m not working, I’ll read four or five a week. Now, I only “allow” myself to start a book if I’m going away for the weekend or if I’m way caught up in my school work. Nothing makes me happier than lying on the coach (or the beach in the summer!) reading while my dog rests on my feet.

    • Oh Sue, this sounds GLORIOUS! Nothing like a great book to curl up with. I read at bedtime, and if I’m reading a book I love, I can’t wait to curl up under the covers and get back to my dream world!

  4. Currently, pond hockey does it for me. To be outdoors skating hard and laughing with my buddies is a blast. It’s like we’re kids again. Today was especially nice. Brilliant sunshine, perfect temperature, smooth ice, and best of all, we had spectators. Rinkside, in the trees, a handfull of bluebirds. So fun. Almost makes you wish spring would hold off a while 😉

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