Ode to Mama

I want to thank my mom for not only bringing me into this world, but for  teaching me something that has served me well in this life.  Perseverance.  By example, my mom never gave up.  When she made up her mind to do something, she did it.   No one could tell her different, and you better not try.  As much as others may have gotten frustrated with this, she followed her own path and made no apologies.  She made it to the top of her game in both the horse world and the cat world.  She brought 8 children into this world and wanted more!  She never did anything small.

And so I thank you, Mom.  I thank you for teaching me to go for what it is I dream of.  I thank you for teaching me to trust God and my own inner spirit to jump and fly with my eyes closed, always trusting.  Always having faith.  When I’d be riding Nicky, who was the height of a pony, and my trainer would tell me to jump a five foot fence, you’d look at me as if to say, “you can do it.”  I was scared, but I had faith because you had faith, and guess what?  I went for it, and Nicky cleared that fence with ease.  I intuitively knew then, as a little girl, to trust those with faith for they have an inner knowing.  I learned to trust myself, knowing that the angels carried me, all the way.

What gift has a loved one given you?  Return the gift with an open heart, a pocket full of gratitude and a great big thank you!


7 thoughts on “Ode to Mama

  1. Gratitude is the most powerful expression one can embrace. It truly brings one to an abundance of blessings ! To deeply feel thankful for something or someone is one of God’s greatest gifts that has been given to us.
    Writing down what you are grateful for can be a very wonderous tool to express the gratitude one is feeling. It is so important to be grateful not only for the good things that happen in ones life but also for the painful things that occur. To be grateful for the pain is extremely powerful as it is our teacher.

  2. thank you Cindy for all of the wonderful words I appreciate your kind thoughts and cherish all of those very special days from out of the past

    • Thank you Barbara. Actually, my mom and I would both admit to our struggles and differences. We have come a long way through patience, acceptance and forgiveness. Not always easy but spirit always answers the call….blessings to you

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