Patience.  I have to admit, one of my toughest ongoing lessons.  I’ve had visions of me literally sitting on my hands to keep me grounded in a place that is true.  Growing up, I remember my mother’s words, “patience is a virtue”, never really understanding its meaning, until now.  Much of patience is living in the “now”, putting one foot in front of the other and allowing spirit to lead you.   I remind myself that “it’s in God’s time, not mine” when I want to jump without thinking and feeling through the process.  When we do the work that is required, and trust, we are led to the place we are meant to be at the time.

How many times have I heard a client, friend or family member say to me, “but I want it now!”  We have become such a quick fix society that we have trained ourselves to believe that instant gratification always meets our needs.  I suggest that allowing the process to play out, while focusing on your inner work, will get you to your destination with a firmer foundation in place.  It may not be in your time frame, but it will come.  My dad used to say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it always is.”  As I experience life, I have found his statement to be real.

Be patient.  Listen, follow your intuition and your truth will find its way.


5 thoughts on “Patience…

  1. This is all so true Cindy.
    The quick fix can never be the answer.
    The universe will just return with another lesson to be learned if the inner work hasn’t been completed.
    It is so interesting to see how patterns re-surface if the attention wasn’t given to the lesson at hand.
    But once the pattern is broken, then the lesson is learned and there is no turning back.
    Patience is such a great teacher to us all.
    Without it we would truly have no purpose.
    I love what your father used to say.
    That is the total truth!!!

  2. Good post; right day! New neighbors in apartment next door have turned out to be very noisy, to the extreme. I went to my home altar and lit a candle, asking Spirit, the Goddess and the God to give me patience. It can be a challenge at times. Respond not react, and remember that I am only human and losing patience happens sometimes too.

  3. Respond, not react. That’s a good one. I should write that on a post-it note and put it in every room, and on my car dashboard too.

    Cindy your posts always get me wondering. I was just in the shower thinking about patience. For me there is another wing that seems be highlighted about this subject. I seem to find myself not so much being impatient for things to happen, or to change their course, but I find myself basically impatient with how I spend some of my energy. I am on a council here in town that I have been on for over three years and frequently what I feel like when I am at one of our meetings is impatience. The same for one of the artisan groups that I belonged to until recently, and also for some friendships that I have had over time. So for me I think when I am impatient it is really good for me to look at whether I even want to spend my time doing, or thinking, what I am feeling impatient about. I think patience sometimes for me is just a flashing red light that says BOREDOM which = it’s time to get out!
    P.S. I just sent my resignation to the council 🙂 How about all of you out there? I bet there is something that you’d like to resign from too. Do it. It feels great- like a load of bricks off my shoulder. It’s healthy to look at what isn’t able to hold our attention. This all kind of links back to your post about Find Answers In The Heart. Our hearts always tell us the truth, and sometimes this means it’s time to move on.

    • Wow, such insightful comments…thank you Maria, Raven and Louise. I learn so much from all 3 of you! Funny your thoughts came to you in the shower today Lou, that’s where I have my biggest revelations! Probably the water:) I so much agree that when it is time to move on, you move! Your heart always lets you know. Don’t ignore your intuition, ever.

  4. Well, been saying to myself all day I need to be more patient!! It is one of the hardest things for me to do…I have always wanted what I want right now!! Even though I know when things take its course it usually works out for the best. When I am impatient it ends up taking longer or never happening in the long run…

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