“We do not know but we can LOVE.  LOVE is easy, fear is hard.”  ~The Silence

When we fight love, out of fear, life becomes very unsettling.  It is sometimes difficult to allow yourself to become vulnerable when you’ve been hurt so many times.  Don’t allow the hurts to imprison you.  It is the openness that fosters growth, even if painful along the way.  I am very firm about the importance of boundaries but if we completely block ourselves out of fear the sadness turns inward and becomes harmful to the heart.  Be open and treat yourself with kindness.  Live life with love.  The more we have love in our lives the more we have God in our lives and THAT is the warmest place to be.  God is Love.

For those of you who don’t know, The Silence is a wise woman who was in my life for a short time.  She crossed through the veil a couple of years ago and still lives inside of me.  She created these beautiful cards that surround me in my office and on certain days I close my eyes and pull a card.  Always full of love, spirit and wisdom.  A warming in my heart.  She guides me to this day….


7 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. How beautiful Cindy!
    I just embrace the idea of Love!
    Love opens your heart and allows one to experience all that there is.
    Love is all that really matters, everything else just teaches us to go back to love.
    I think that we all fear love at some point in our life because of the intensity of its power.
    We fear our own light at times because it reveals to us who we truly are.
    We are all so conditioned to the negativity that surrounds us that we forget that Love is why we came here. To love ourselves and to give love to others.
    Love is the truth of our existence.

  2. Interesting how the Patience post is just before the Love post. We all want love, and we want it now, but even when we meet ” the one” we still need to be patient to be sure. The planted seed needs time to grow.

    • “The Silence” is a loving and strong spirit that lived in human form until about 2 years ago. I believe she continues to be one of my spirit guides. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

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