Letting Gooooo!

We all have something in our lives that requires letting go, whether it be a relationship, material items or simple reactions to everyday difficulties.  Some things take more time to release because of the perceived attachment.  I suggest we are all able to let go of anything in our lives as long as we trust our inner spirit.

I had a simple reaction the other night when I came home from a lovely 24 hour visit with friends.  I walked into the house, it looked like a bomb had gone off in the kitchen(well, what did I expect it was Superbowl Sunday) and the computer had crashed!  My first reaction was a feeling of frustration and lack of control when I wanted everything in order.  Well, guess what, things don’t always happen as we wish so we might as well go with it when it happens!  When events fall out of line it is often a message that change is needed.  After my inner explosion, I reminded myself of this fact.  I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and asked spirit to guide me.

Trusting your inner and outer guides is very important when practicing the art of letting go.  Allow God, spirit, your angels, the universe to lead when you want to control.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, pray, meditate and ask for guidance to move forward to the place you are meant to be.  No one’s path is a mistake, we all have our own unique road to travel.  Letting go of control is especially key when dealing with great losses in our lives.  It is difficult to let go and feel the pain that we must experience to grow and move on.  Hanging on and attempting control only creates a pressure cooker that is sure to blow if not released.  Often, the blow is turned inward which creates more turmoil in one’s life.

So, I now sit here with my lap top, which took some work to get online.  My main computer is still in crash mode, the kitchen is clean, and all is good.  A little different, but all is fine in my world.  A matter of perception.

As the saying goes, “let go and let God”.  You will find peace.


6 thoughts on “Letting Gooooo!

  1. “Letting go” has been my theme for several months and I realize it signifies”change”.
    Although at times it causes alot of anxiety but I know in my heart it will open the door to what God has planned for me.

  2. Letting go is so very difficult because of what the mind keeps telling us.
    Once we reach the point of letting go, we look back at the process and realize how effortless it was once the realization came through.
    Connecting with God and truly giving it all over to Him and the workings of the Universe allows us to trust that all will be taken care of.
    This frees up our energy to receive the messages on which direction we are heading towards.
    The true realization is that we don’t have any control over anything that is brought to us.
    We can only process the pain, anger, and hurt within our hearts and then do what our intuition is guiding us to do which is release all of it.
    We all need to love yourself completely and not be attached to anything.
    It is not easy, but I feel that is why we came here to planet earth.
    To learn about Love of self and all of the obstacles we have to go through to find that Love!

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