Calling all midlife ladies!  Do you think it’s time to pause and self reflect?  This post is really meant for women of all ages (men, yours is coming later).   I have heard it said that when women reach menopause there is a strength that magically appears.  Others may complain that you’ve changed and you’re more “bitchy” but I suggest this is a good thing!  This isn’t to say that we need to pause from men (although that has been the joke), it merely speaks to the idea that it is time to reach in and set our own goals rather than attempt to get our needs met through someone else.  As little girls it is drilled into our minds that we need to find the charming prince that will sweep us off our feet, buy the house with the white picket fence and live happily ever after.  That fantasy only sets us up for monumental disappointments later in life.

Be happy with who you are, exactly as you are.  What is it that YOU can create and blend into your life?  Yes, all by yourself.  Take that step, gather your strength, travel your own dreams.  When you follow your heart all the rest simply falls into place.  Your inner strength grows and your outer beauty shines!

Pause, reflect, gather, build and fly!


6 thoughts on “Men-0-Pause!

  1. Cindy, I love this!
    Speaking from a woman who is pre-menopausal, I can relate to all of this!
    Who would have imagined that approaching 50 would be so magical?
    This really is our time to reflect on ourselves!
    Women are so busy being the nurturer’s to all, that we forget that we need to nurture ourself.
    I always tell my friends and loved ones that I love this time in my life and would never wish to go back to my youthful years.
    There is true beauty in innocence as well as with wisdom.
    I can only hope that I have instilled my wisdom to my daughters so they may be aware as young women in their early to mid twenties to find out who they really are!
    To erase illusions of the past and allow them to look inside themselves rather than look to external things to bring them happiness.
    This post is great Cindy!

    • Thank you so much, Maria. This post was written from the heart, I am continually learning! I too hope this magical strength is instilled in my girls. All we can do is love them through every trial. As always, I love your words of wisdom, Maria!

  2. I read your post with interest today. I guess I am a slow learner because it took me until almost 70 to realize that I have value other than being attached to a husband or child. Having my last child at 41 could have had something to do with the delay. Now I take care of myself by myself and love it!

    • Hi Barbara, I am still on the road to get to where you are! It is a struggle balancing it all…there are many compromises we must make when we have loved ones to nurture. I’m now 48 and had my last child at 38. It’s an ongoing journey….

  3. C

    Looking forward to the guy’s version, “Men n’ Paws”. Advice for men with lady troubles. About taking a break from randomly dating women, who quite frankly seem bitchier than ever and proud of it, and spending quality time enjoying the unconditional love and companionship of his dog 😉


  4. You do make me laugh Paul!! “Men n’ Paws” is coming! There is absolutely a flip side to the confusion men experience when dealing with strong “bitchy” women:) Dogs are a great equalizer, and yes, so unconditional. I will be looking forward to your comments on this one!

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