Mental Noise

“Silence is external, stillness is internal.”  ~Eckhart Tolle

Many of us have a constant noise running through our minds, like a freight train looking for its next destination.  This chatter runs longer and deeper for some, but to some extent, we all experience it.  Some of us obsess to the point that it negatively effects our health physically, psychologically and spiritually.  Others may experience a milder form but still carry the tapes from their past.  Are there any of you that wish for a quieter mind instead of the constant running?  My guess is an absolute YES!  Some of my clients experience this frustration and cry out that they just want it to stop!  Personally, I can relate as I come from a family of obsessors and I drive myself crazy sometimes!  It has taken much time and practice to learn to quiet my own mind, and I am here to tell you that it can be done.  What does it take?  It takes repetition and practice.  Just like anything in life, what you nurture grows, what you starve dies.  Nurturing the quiet in your mind can only lead to better health for you in all areas.

Here are some steps you can take to “untrain” your brain.  When the negative thought enters immediately “change the channel” to a positive thought.  For example, if you are someone who worries about getting into a car accident every time you drive your car, switch that thought.  Yes, just like that, switch it!  Think about what a beautiful drive you are going to have, take in the beauty around you, stay in the present time and cherish each moment of the drive.  If the mental chatter enters, focus on one thing and stay with it.  Think about your breathing and how your body is functioning beautifully with every breath.  Notice the flowers on the side of the road, anything that brings you joy in that moment.  Know that you are safe and all is in complete balance around you.  If the negative chatter enters, be ok with it, and go back to your quiet focus.  Every time you practice changing your thoughts you are literally retraining your brain to think differently.  Just as we can train our brains to think negatively, we can train our brains to think positively.

Are you ready now?  You know what to do…breathe, focus, change your thought and stay in the moment.  You will find that over time this practice is a natural sedative for you.  And remember, no judgment.  Not of yourself or others around you.  If you fall back into old habits, pick yourself up, wipe yourself off, and get back on the slow train track.  Enjoy and relax.


8 thoughts on “Mental Noise

  1. Cindy,
    This is wonderful advice in how to quiet the mind and lessen the constant thoughts that run through our mind.
    Thoughts are things and we all need to pay attention to what we tell ourselves.
    When we are negative, we send that out to the universe and the universe responds accordingly.
    When we send love out we receive it back in all sorts of wonderous ways.
    When we send negative thoughts out, it begins to spiral out of control as that is what is being felt by oneself and the vibration of energy throughout the cosmos…..

  2. In Eastern belief it is about ‘being’; in our Western world it is about ‘doing’…thus mind chatter and chaos. Personally I see balance as accepting the + and the -. We weren’t given emotions from the Creator only to deny them. We are human and at different times will think negative and bitch. Doesn’t mean we have to make it a lifestyly though. You know, light and dark, positive and negative, the sun rises and sets. Bright and busy people will continue to have …busy minds~ but meditation works well.
    Just my thoughts..always with the mind chatter.

    • Thank you so much Maria and Raven, you are 2 amazing women who contribute so much to these posts! I appreciate you both so much. And Raven, you know how I love your directness….always realistic and straight to the core with no bs:) Love you both!

  3. A-Raven,

    I love what you wrote regarding our emotions.
    I absolutely feel the same way as you do!
    “We were not given emotions to deny them”!
    We must feel all of the pain, anger, frustration, fear, dislike, resentment, ect……
    If we deny these emotions, then we are not serving ourselves in a healthy way.
    We must acknolwegde all of them and then release it over to God.
    This way we will not remain in stuck energy.

  4. Old habits die hard!! I have in the past done this but I tend to get back in the obsessive behavior it is a work in progress everyday:) Today I will only focus on the good and when the negative comes in I will remember all of the blessings in my life:)

    • Did I mention I’m from a family of obsessors? Haha. Those things we learned can always be unlearned….thank you for your support, sis, and yes you’ve come a long way too! Much love always….

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