Glow in the Dark

If any of you feel a negative energy surrounding you, whether it be through a person or in the environment, there is something you can do about it.  Nothing.  The less energy you give a negative vibe the less you feed its strength.  I was talking with my friend about this experience and she looked at me and said, “yes, glow in the dark!”  I turned to her and said I loved that idea of glowing and shining your light in darkness while the energy dissipates.  She began laughing and responded, “I said go into the dark but I like the idea of glowing too!”

When we keep our light around us we surround ourselves with our protection and at the same time continue to send out loving thoughts to the energy that is evading us negatively.  That energy will eventually disappear.  It will either come back with a brighter spirit or it will continue on its own way.  Either way, you have created a positive energy bubble of love and light.

So the next time this happens to you, try it.  Instead of fighting the energy and allowing it to grow and snowball, send it a loving kiss and huddle in your bubble.  Love always wins.


3 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark

  1. Your post reminded me of a time long ago when in church as a child. We used to sing…”this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” Now today so many years later I can still say my light is shining. I’ve had to change a few light bulbs on my journey, (LOL) but my heart still shines with the LIght.

  2. Cindy,

    Lol, I love the ‘glow in the dark’ idea!
    That is the best!
    As I was going through my spiritual journey, this would happen to me All the time!
    I would encounter negative energies and had no idea how to protect myself from them.
    I would pretty much avoid situations where I knew I would be bombarded with different energies that didn’t blend with mine.
    I am highly sensitive to them all.

    Many years ago, I told my boyfriend that I don’t think I can handle concerts anymore.
    I went to see Mason Jennings, who I just love, in Madison, WI and I had to sit in the back of the concert hall.
    I even went to the bathroom and cried as I could not handle all the different energies.

    I now can be anywhere at anytime and feel protected from all the different negative energies that come into my personal space.
    I learned to pray for all those negative energies and put the light around me as well.
    I really don’t have to think about it anymore, it just happens naturally for me.
    Amen to that!

  3. At the beginning of my conscious evolvement journey I felt I had an invisible circle of protection. I really do not sense it anymore, perhaps because I have learned a better approach to negative energy. It really is true that what we focus on gets bigger.

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