My chiropractor was doing some deep  tissue work on me the other day, and as he was bringing me to tears rolling my muscles to finally relax (no pain, no gain!), he was explaining to me how everything extends out of the core of our bodies.  He used the example of how we as babies use our core before we roll over and eventually walk.  We come into this world using our physical center innately, it’s as we grow we tend to mess with nature.  As  he was educating me on this topic I clearly saw a correlation.  As babies we enter this world completely pure in spirit, emotion and thought.  All is primitive and based on basic survival.  As we age we are conditioned to pile on the layers that erase the pure essence of our true self.  When our spiritual and emotional selves are out of balance we feel off- center.  Nothing seems to flow and lean positively toward what we are naturally in tune with.  When we pay attention to our own center, and create a balance in our lives,  all falls into place with no distractions.  When we quiet our minds and our hearts, that is when this flow happens.  We are better able to travel our own journey when we nurture ourselves, have boundaries with others, and feed our souls with a healthy environment.  This includes the company we keep and the energy that surrounds us each and every day.

Remember to pay attention to your surroundings and choices you make in your life.  We are who we spend time with, we are what we eat, we are how we care for our bodies and nurture our loved ones.  Always  remind yourself to stay in alignment with your core self.

Center, balance and flow from there…..


3 thoughts on “Centering

  1. I want to say that I love this article about authenticity. When you understand what it means, you get it with complete clarity; when you are grasping for it’s meaning it seems elusive.

    In truth, our authentic self reflects our soul – the mirror image of “I am” on the inside – that force of life that stands us up everyday, that pushes us forward to do in life when we think we cannot go any further. We have never erased that flame!

    But the FEELING of being authentic is often not picked up on. So I want to give examples of what that feels like 🙂 I’m a master! Think of any joyful time, a baby christening, a wedding, watching your child perform – that PRESENT MOMENT when you are so focused on only that and the rest of you is stripped away – no longer a mom, don’t have to be someplace, fretting about thoughts that are not happening – ego-driven stuff. In that EXACT moment when you are feeling the endorphin high of elation, you are standing in the center of yourself. Runners achieve it, known as the “runner’s high.” In those trained moments to focus entirely IN THAT PRESENT MOMENT on each breath, each stride, each heartbeat, runner’s say they feel inexplicable “high.” They are balanced and centered in their authentic self in those moments. … See More

    So, anytime you are finding yourself to be so “happy” or elated about something you’re experiencing, or causing and witnessing that is calm and serene, you can thank your authentic self for coming out to play. When you really realize what YOU feel like, you will find it important and easy to reside at this place of authenticity.

    I do it with horses, lots of them, paddock after paddock, when I feed. I create harmony, balance, and calm. I see it mirrored back immediately in the horses gestures, relaxation nature, community. They invite me to be part of that herd. We are one. After doing that for a long while, I realized that I create that balance in those moments! Me! I focus entirely on what I am doing for safety, and really am “stripping away” all of my other “responsibilities” to my ego – where I need to be later in the day, having to work, doing chores – and just being… The revelation I had when it hit me was profound and brought tears to my eyes. I was standing in the presence of ME, not really but probably for the “first time,” and I loved understanding what “ME” really feels like. Awesome moment. Now, I understand quickly that when I feel agitated or sad, or worried, that is not me….that is not living in the present moment, but borrowing from the past or future, from things that have already happened or thoughts that are not yet reality.

    I can find center, balance, and stillness when I look for just “me”. It is always there, inextinguisable, and available to vibrate to others. We can elevate others, and help them find their “sense of calm and balance” too, which is their authentic self. I try to point that out whenever I can, so there can be that “Aha” moment for someone else.

    It is not elusive, we are ALL authentic nature, and can all be revealed. You just have to recognize when you are “coming out!”

    xoxo Here’s to a healthy, authentic world. I give everyone permission today to be authentic and realize the enormity of that powerful recognition – We are always enough. Our authentic selves, our souls, are God’s image of perfection. And, in a perfect world with nature and no real-world, modern distraction, we would “see” it immediately. Get out in stillness of nature, connect, and find your true “self.”

    You are beautiful!

  2. Cindy,

    I love this whole concept of finding one’s center.
    It is so important. When we are off center, our bodies certainly let us know.
    We all lose our center everyday as this is life.

    The key is to bring oneself back to center so we can stay in balance with our physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

    I always find my center after it has been shaken by releasing the emotions either through crying, laughing, praying, sharing, writing, or being still.
    This helps me align myself back to love and truth.
    Once this awareness hits me, all is well.
    Then the realization of what through me off always seems miminal in its nature.

    I realize that I made it worse by fear thoughts, all of which was created by my mind.

    So letting it all go truly is the answer.
    And Trusting in God that all will be taken care of no matter what.

  3. Simplicity. A tree is a tree and doesn’t worry about being anything but what it is…a tree. Just being itself, centered, rooted and letting the chaos go on around it.

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