The Grateful Heart

“Live in GRATITUDE Not in THOUGHT”  ~The Silence

Give thanks to Spirit everyday and allow that glorious energy to work inside of you.  When we clutter our mind with chatter it blocks all pathways to our inner peace and intuitive abilities.  Allow the peaceful, positive energy to guide you and you will be amazed to find what comes to you.  Sit in the quiet, meditate, pray….send out gratitude for every experience and learning lesson in life.  The more we send out loving energy the more we are surrounded by love.

The warmth of gratitude  allows your soul to shine, inside and out.  Enjoy the glow!


4 thoughts on “The Grateful Heart

  1. Cindy,

    Gratitude leads us to our soul!
    It is a powerful God directed energy!
    To be grateful for everthing one experiences, good and bad, opens up the path to our truth!
    To truly feel gratitude within all the cells of your being can be an extradordinary experience.
    I am extremely grateful for all that has been given and shown to me throughout my life.
    I feel equally grateful for the pain as well as the love that has been given to me.
    I am grateful for you Cindy!

  2. I think all the chatter that can appear in our heads is like having bees sworming around us. And we know how irritating that can be. So when I feel this it is a wake up call to change the channel, and switch over to move positive thoughts. It works like a beauty.

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