The Talking Tummies

As much as I enjoyed my vacation last week in the cold, sunny winds of Florida, I realized last night how much I missed the girls at dance class!  It truly is my weekly dose of fun, laughter and exercise.  I highly recommend searching for a form of exercise that brings you joy and lifts your spirits through the day.  Marnie never lets us down with her comedic comments.  We laugh and talk while we continue to move through the steps of our routine, and believe it or not, we are looking pretty “put together” through the dance.  It must be the flow of energy in that room and the camaraderie we feel with one another.  As we sway into our African dance circle, feeling the beat of the drum, I look over at Annie, her shirt is half way up and her belly is talking to Marnie’s belly!  No, I’m not kidding, the belly buttons are out and talking to each other across the circle!  And yes, the talking tummies gave me a belly laugh!  Laughter truly is one of nature’s best medicines.  We are all medicine women in that room and we feel it when we walk out of those doors at the end of the night.  I float home, singing all the way, with a smile on my face.  My family benefits from this joy, especially as I tuck my girls in along with a mini back massage.

Find what moves you in mind, body, spirit and emotion.  Surround yourself with laughter and those that make you laugh.  An apple a day provides health in your diet, laughter is the cinnamon on top!

*names have been changed to protect the bellies:)


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