Spread Your Wealth

If you were to invest your money would you put it all in one account or would you diversify?  Which do you think would be the wiser choice?  In our current economy, we have seen many individuals and businesses take a nose dive because they put all of their eggs in one basket.  Think of your own spiritual and emotional basket.  If you put all of your energy into one person what happens when that person dies, or leaves you, or lets you down?  Where does that leave you?  As I’ve discussed before, you need to fill your own basket first, but what about your other social networks?  Your friends, family, extended family, coworkers, spiritual congregation, etc. are all a part of  you diversifying your spiritual wealth.  What happens to you when someone you are close to shows their “human-ness” and disappoints you?  Do you fall apart or do you find your own inner strength and reach out for support from other people?  If you don’t have this inner strength and outer support you will feel very lost and empty.

Additionally, when you rely solely on one person you drain that relationship.  Eventually, it will very likely become a partnership of burden and resentment.  Always remember to allow others the space to find their own way in life and learn to fill their own basket, without your help.  You will be doing yourself and them a huge favor.  Allow growth to happen and then bring to the table what each of you learns on your own path.  LEARN from each other, don’t LEAN on each other for every little thing.  Don’t stifle growth, encourage growth.  Diversify your spiritual wealth and you will glow from the inside out!


8 thoughts on “Spread Your Wealth

  1. I have always tried to give people the freedom to be exactly where they are in life. Of course, I learned to “recognize” what this meant as I was growing spiritually and soulfully. You are correct; we all teach and learn, and grow spiritually and soulfully at different rates. My philosophy is to let people be exactly who they are and where they are in the growth process called life, some have just not grown to the level where one can “see” with clarity, that we can depend on our inside nature, and not have to lean on others when we feel our outside world is out of control.

    Just keep being yourself, and perhaps others can grow and learn from your example, wherever you are in your life’s journey.

    In this world, we don’t have to be right…we just have to be kind.

    Kindness is found on every wrung of the ladder.

  2. Cynthia

    It amazes me how your topics parrallel my current situation. Quite often they’re “right place, right time”
    Just this morning I was thinking along these very lines. I thought about how much I like my life and how I’m able to stand on my own two feet for the most part, and, I thought about how much nicer it is with my special friend from from Maine involved ( she’s wicked nice 😉 It’s reassuring to know I can be happy alone if need be, but having that confidence also helps to propel a more solid bond between us, in my opinion.
    As they say, you have to like yourself first.

  3. Paul, people who are open to the universe are in tune, and you are very much in tune, my friend:) So happy to hear that your inner strength is matching your outer environment.! Much peace to you….

  4. Well, as I have been saying alot lately is dont put all of your eggs in one basket! It is so true people will let you down but when they do you must have other options. Great topic:) Love ya sis:)

  5. Barbara, since I have been writing more it’s amazing the intuitive experiences I’ve been having. At first, it “freaked” me out a bit however exciting was, but now I’m accepting it and following it. If I think it, I put it out there, instead of holding onto it and moving on. Truly miraculous. I do believe it is the tuning in of all of us who are open and connected in the universe. What a beautiful thing!

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