Silence and I

How many of you truly take the time to sit in silence?  I have a little exercise for you (which may feel like a big exercise).  Find a comfortable chair or cushion, breathe deep, inhaling down into your belly and out, and sit in the quiet for as long as you are able.  No TV, music, computers, cell phones, blackberries, books….just you.  Allow your mind to wander to whatever thoughts it holds.  You will be amazed what comes to you if you allow it, with no distractions.  If your thoughts create emotional discomfort, breathe in again and ask Spirit, your angels, God to guide you.  Your intuition will become richer with this practice and will guide you in directions your ego centered mind could never imagine or create.  My experience has been that when we follow a spirit centered direction, verses ego centered, a much  more peaceful existence surrounds you.

If, at first, you are uncomfortable sitting with yourself, no worries.  You are not alone in this frustration.  Many of my clients have a difficult time with this exercise at first.  When you think of the fast pace, instant gratification society we live in it’s no wonder.  Start with five minutes and gradually work your way up.  Repetition will allow you to become more comfortable sitting with your own company.  The more you enjoy sitting with yourself the more you will attract like-spirited people and those that sing from the inside out!

Silence is a beautiful thing.  Make a practice of embracing it, feel the benefits of inner peace and connection to all universal energy.  You will be pleasantly amazed by what comes to you….


2 thoughts on “Silence and I

  1. Cindy,

    I cannot think of anything better to do than just sit in silence!
    I choose this over anything.
    I really don’t enjoy t.v. and haven’t for many years.
    My communication with those I love bring me to my cell phone and computer.
    I just love sitting and feeling all that is around me in quiet.
    It truly brings one to their center and to what it is that is important.
    It erases all of the clutter that surrounds us daily, which is part of living, but then brings us back home.

  2. One of my favorite memories ….Driving out of Death Valley the day after a cycling event I pulled the car off the road and walked way out onto a blindly white salt bed. No wind, blue sky, brilliant sunshine, vast emptiness, and most amazing thing of all, not a sound ! Incredible silence. In fact, the sound of my beathing was deafening !

    There’s great power in silence

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