March 9, 1961

The day I came into this world.  My mother’s water broke early when she saw one of my brothers shoot off a pop gun with a pencil in it, as my other brother came around the corner and got hit in the face.  Accidents do happen but it was too much for a mom who was carrying a baby who was ready to emerge!  My brother, who was two years old, ends up in the hospital two doors down from my  mom.  She was giving birth while his injury was being nursed.  A couple of days later, my dad is driving my mom and I home and low and behold, my other brother who was seven at the time, is charging down Lewiston Road (busy traffic) in a rain storm with no coat, heading to his friend’s house!  The poor sitter, she never had a chance.  When a Weintraub has a will there is ALWAYS a way!  So, yes, my dad shuffled my brother into the car and home we went.  Finally, we were all safe in the comfort of our cozy home.  Or were we?

Growing up in a family with five older brothers and two younger sisters, you can guess there was never a dull moment.  For those of you who knew my family, I know you would attest to that, and I’m sure you have some stories of your own.  I sit here and laugh as I remember our “pet” hawk Zeus, rock bands in the “shack out back”,  Crazy Ray,  riding bareback in the back yard, calls in the middle of the night with the “clank” in the background, my mom unknowingly growing my brothers “plants” (he told her they were marigolds), and then a picture of my sweet four year old sister sitting in front of the “marigolds” with the peace sign.  All the cats, dogs, horses, goat, ducks….all the animals dropped off at our house because they knew the “mother in the country” would take them in.  The list goes on….

I love my family and I feel so very blessed to have been a part of every wild, crazy moment!  The memories continue as we all head to Seattle this summer for my brother’s wedding.  The two musicians, Norm and Tim, strum their guitars throughout the days and we sing along.  No matter what, in my family, we all have each others backs.   We’ve had our ups and downs but a major value we learned from our parents is that we always stick together…like glue.  It may get stretched sometimes but we always come back to home base.  Safe in the comfort of home.


18 thoughts on “March 9, 1961

  1. Happy Birthday Cynthia! I loved your story with all the great tales from the Braley Road horse ranch 🙂

    Treat yourself even better than usual today my friend.

    love, Louise

  2. Happy Birthday Cindy!

    What great sharing of moments of your family and the day you were born!

    Have a Blessed day!

  3. This brought a tear to my eye…in laughter!! I remember it all well. You always were (& still are) a very person due in large part to growing up in your unique family. Happy Birthday and let’s never forget where we came from….xoxox

    • I will never, ever forget my wonderful neighbor! What fun we had exploring and experiencing all those different avenues on the farm! I’m laughing right now with the fun mems we had:) Wishing you lots of love and laughter, Karen! (and yes, I remembered that your dad and I shared a b’day…I always thought Paul was a cool cat:)

  4. amazing!! Yes we have a very unique family! We have always had eachothers backs and always will:) Even though I missed alot of it because I was the last I love hearing the crazy stories. Hope your having a great birthday Cin your the best. I am so proud to have you as my sister. Love You, Patty

    • Well…you were certainly a part of a lot of the fun and crazy times….and might I say, creating some too! Hmmm, is the baby so innocent?? Sneaking the car out in the middle of the night at what age? Ooops, did I say that? Haha. It was a blessed day when you were born, not only are you my sis, you were my baby to care for and love too. Love you, Patty!! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Well, being the babysitter for most of the family for a number of years…I had a blast and continue to have a blast with all of you and I am so honored and pleased to have been a small part of your wonderful family. Your father was the best and a smile to knock you over….your mother is a wild soul and I am always so happy she was a part of my life….and the rest of the gang was fantastic…I remember Zeus and the pictures in the back yard and the swimming at the Club and all the fun we had… have yourself a fabulous birthday and continue to enjoy your life, your family and your friends…you are one in a million and I love you. Hugs, Cindy

    • You are one in a huge million, Cindy!! I’m so grateful you’re back in our lives on a more regular basis! You are family and always have been, ALWAYS so special to me. Whenever your name was brought up over the years, it always brought a big smile to my face and heart.

      I wonder if it was you who was the sitter the day Steven snuck out in the rain storm (although Patty swears it was a snow storm!). I think you were too young….anyway, thank you for all your love given to me as a wee little one and now! Love you! xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Late getting on here. You already know that you are a special person to me Cynthia. Happy Birthday and may Spirit walk beside you always.

    • The day you came into my life, Raven, Spirit was watching over me. Thank you for all the light, love and wisdom you shed upon my life! And thank you for your beautiful “Happy Birthday Song’ yesterday!! Love you! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Wow!…you brought it all back Cin!…of course me being the oldest and having had that Woodstock thing in the mix..well…my memory…let’s just say it ain’t as crystal clear as yours is darlin’! ….But you really brought it all back…..and yes the glue gets a tad stretched at times…but we really are all here for each other. I’m really looking forward to seeing us all together again in July for Tim’s wedding.
    Happy Birthday Cindy! I really love your writing…of course I’m biased..but I do a lot of reading and I can tell you that you have a way with words! Keep it up!! Love, Love, Love you! Norm

  8. Thank you, Norm! So, you’re a little “fuzzy” on some of the memories, huh? I kept it mostly clean to maintain the privacy of my 5 wild bros! Haha. Mike had a prof at Cornell that used to say, “can you speak up a bit? My hearing is a bit dull after all those years in front of Fender amps.” Maybe similar to the “shack out back.” 😉 I wish I was old enough to have gone to Woodstock with you…as I recall, you, Tim and Steve went. What a time to be livin’! Happy birthday to you on Friday! Enjoy it to the fullest ….Tons of Love to you too!!!

  9. Dear Cindy: I loved reading all of this. Happy Birthday a couple of days late. You guys are great. I cherish all the time I spent with you when we were all young. I loved taking care of you. You were the best dressed baby in all of New York. And, I remember all your daring when riding. Of course, Zeus will always be a memory of mine. I can still conjure up the time he was on the hood of the car and I tried to convince you (about three years old) to get out of the car and coax him off the hood. Even at three, you were too smart to listen to me. Love, Betty

  10. Dear Betty: I laughed so hard I was crying when I read your Zeus story! I read it to my Rachie and she laughed right along with me. I explained how my wonderful Philly city girl cousin would never get out of the car to “swoosh” away a hawk! Of course, I don’t remember the incident but I can only imagine…my little three-year-old face looking at you like, “are you crazy? I’m not getting out of this car!” Oh the times we all had. I feel so blessed to have lived with you that summer of 1985. What a summer….so much sadness, bonding and laughs. I miss you, Betty! Much Love to you xoxoxo

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