Take Care, But Don’t Care

If there is ever a time when you feel like you are giving too much and not getting anything in return, chances are you are!  First of all, you are placing conditions on the giving which is always a losing battle.  Give unconditionally with no attachment to the outcome.  When we genuinely care about somebody, we want the best for them and we allow them the freedom to pick and choose how they experience their own learning.  When we “care” too much and attach to the outcome we attempt to control that person and their experience.  Let go!  I realize this will be very difficult for some of you, it’s okay, be patient with yourself.  Practice the letting go.  When you want someone to choose your answer or follow your lead simply drop the lead line and walk the other way.  Wish them well and see what happens.  You will very likely not experience the power struggles you have set up for yourself in the past.  You may even witness the other person come closer to you because you have given them the freedom to choose for themselves.

The other piece of taking care, but not caring, is nurturing YOURSELF!  As you place less energy on someone elses life you will open yourself up to focus on your own life, as well as the lessons you need to experience.  If we are always focused on others we tend to lose our own soul in the process.  Your personal growth is first and foremost.  As you care for yourself you become healthier and so do your relationships.  People will naturally be drawn to you and will enjoy your energy as you enjoy your own energy.

Take care, but don’t care.  Take care of yourself, be loving towards others and allow them to experience the ebb and flow of life.  When a loved one falls, care and give love. At the same time, allow them the space to gain their own strength and stand up on their own two feet.  Two healthy people equal boundless  energy!


6 thoughts on “Take Care, But Don’t Care

  1. Beautlifully spoken as always Cindy!

    Giving from the heart with no expectations in return is the best kind of giving.
    It is true generousity.
    Letting go is very difficult but once it has been accomplished, there is no freedom like it!
    Give freely and Love fully.

    • Wow, Barbara, your description says so much in just a few words. Control is very sneaky and has many disguises! We best heed your observation…in my experience, this is truth. I so much love your writing:)

  2. Wisely spoken words birthday girl. Being co-dependent, I have always had a struggle with the “letting go of”.

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