Prayer Circle for Bobby

For all of you reading this, I am asking something of you today.  I have a friend named Bobby who has been diagnosed with cancer.  He was a dear friend back in high school days, haven’t seen him in many years but the friendship connection still remains.  I know the next time I talk to Bobby it will be like picking up the conversation from yesterday.  That’s how close we all were.  Our class of 1979 had many small groups but we all intermingled.  It didn’t matter…rocks, jocks, Dead Heads, intellects, poets.  We all learned something from each other back then.  It has carried to this day.  Maybe it was the times, maybe the energies of the people, whatever the reason I feel blessed to have had every one of you in my life.

Many of us have been emailing each other, sending prayers and loving thoughts to Bobby.  Cards, calls, food made with love and care has also been sent.  Trips to give more love and hugs have been planned.  So much love has been traveling to Bobby and I am asking that we continue to send love and healing thoughts Bobby’s way.  And yes, I use the word LOVE a lot for a reason!

All of my friends and family who are reading this….we all know the power of thought and energy that vibrates from our soul.  I am asking you to send love and healing rainbows to Bobby.  I’m sure he will feel it and receive it with a grateful heart.  He’s been feeling so much love from so many of us already, let’s keep the circle going.  For those of you willing, thank you for taking time to connect our hearts to his.  WE LOVE YOU, BOBBY!  xoxoxoxoxo

*If any of you have any great Bobby stories (and I know there are many!) please feel free to comment below.  The more we share and remember the more love grows….Peace…


14 thoughts on “Prayer Circle for Bobby

  1. Cindy,

    This is just the most Beautiful dedication to our wonderful friend Bobby!
    Bobby is a beautiful and good person who has so much heart.
    He has a memorable laugh and a special way of expressing himself when he is telling you anything!
    We all did have a thread between us when we were younger and it still carries through to the present.
    The connection is simply love.
    My heart and love is with Bobby always.
    I will continue to send him immense love and healing.
    I love you Bobby!

    • Back in the day when we played tackle football everybody would pray that Bob would get picked to be on their team. Bobby Grenga can tackle anybody, anyone, all day long. I pray he tackles this as well.

  2. Oh Maria, I remember his laugh! As soon as you mentioned it, it all came flooding back….so many wonderful, funny mems from days past. Bobby has always had such a fun loving spirit! Many laughs hanging at Fort Niagara, friends houses and esp Kevin K’s basement soirees! I know you love him dearly, he is loved by many….are you hearing this, Bobby??:) xoxoxo

  3. Too many fun times to list. I saw him in July 2008 in Lewiston. Like all great friends the connection never leaves us. He is a fighter and I know that he will overcome. Hang in there Bob. Yes, Cyndy his laugh is infectious.

  4. I know Cindy, Bobby’s laugh is unforgetable!
    You put it perfect when you said he has a fun loving spirit!
    That is what I feel the most when I think of Bobby.
    His fun loving spirit and his huge heart!
    He would do anything for you!
    So for all the love he has shown others, this love is coming right back to him 10 fold!!!!
    I just know he is feeling the LOVE Cindy!!!
    Thank you Cindy for your Huge Heart and Love that you give everyday to ALL!

  5. My heart just hurts yet I can’t help but smiling thinking about Bobby. I can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone highschool… but I can’t forget how much Grenga cracked me up, made me enjoy my days and my friends, and now my youth.

    Thank you Cyn for spreading the love.

  6. For Bobby: Effective, proven, time-tested Scripture-Based prayers for Healing, straight from the throne-room of grace, mercy and healing:
    “And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.” Exodus 23

    “Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not ALL His benefits;Who forgives all thine iniquities, who HEALS ALL YOUR DISEASES.” Psalm 103

    “He (Jesus) SENT His Word and healed their disease.” Psalm 103:2-3
    Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, and to day, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8
    Love, Lisa “DiBart”

  7. Wonderful tribute Cyn. Thank you so much for doing this. You have such a big heart. I will continue to send Bobby healing love every day. I bet he is feeling everyone’s love and support. It is what he needs the most! Love, Louise

  8. Bobby and I have so many funny stories especially in Daytona. It amazes me his depth to being a friend. You are not fighting this alone. I look forward to seeing you soon. Love you

  9. Bobby is in my thoughts and prayers. Great prayer circle Cin. I know that prayer works and yes miracles can happen:) Love, Patty

  10. Dear Friends,

    Thank you so much for all your love and support you are sending Bobby’s way. I know we all cherish him as we cherish each other. It is a bond that was created long ago and will NEVER be forgotten. So many memories with each and every one of you….some sad, some joyous and some just outright hysterical! Love you all and let’s keep our hearts and thoughts flowing….Peace

  11. We all love you, Bobby! May you feel that love across the miles from all of your old buds, and may you lean on God’s strength, for He is there for you. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” Much love, Maria (Ponzi)

  12. When surrounded by love of friends and family much can be overcome. Hang in there Bobby and laugh to heal your spirit. You are never alone. We are near and far and thinking of you in a healing light. I light my candle in Australia and hope you feel it’s warmth on the other side of the year.
    Life is not about the moments that we breathe, it is about those moments that take our breath away!
    Peace and blessings.

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