Hearts of Space

Hearts of Space, pregnant, pulsating,


The Love, the Silence, the wisdom.

No heart of time can do this…pulsate in

this way—

The Wholeness…

Light without shadow

Love without need

Sees not flaw nor lack

No light of the mind (i.e. you the i)


Heart Light, only TRUST, only the Love.

Hearts of Space beat to a different rhythm

than the time heart.

The Hearts of Space will help you

if called upon.

~The Silence

*Hearts of Space=angels, the Invisibles, the immortals,

Existence, the Force, Light, the Us

Rainbows, cosmic Love,

whatever puts a smile around your heart.


2 thoughts on “Hearts of Space

  1. This reaches deep into the emotions of heart and soul. May Archangel Raphael of healing Light surround all. I call on my Ancestors and Masters of the Universe to walk with me every day through the challenges of life. The heart beats like the slow rhythm of a drum and is the first sound we ever hear in the mother. It reminds us to follow that sound to our true selves.

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