“Edging God Out”  ~Dr.Wayne Dyer

The ego.  A magnificent thing.  Or so it thinks.  The truth is, the ego does serve its purpose.  It can drive you to accomplish certain goals in life.  It can also ruin you.  You must use it sparingly if you are to survive with strength and grace.  The thing with ego is that it likes to do battle with Spirit.  One can be fooled by the enticements of the ego, promising all kinds of “fun” and power in your life, but before you know it, it has a hold on you and you’re spinning out of control.  You keep reaching for more, feeding it, but it is never satisfied.  The empty tank is consistently empty because it is only a bottomless pit waiting for more.  I’ve said this many times, and I will say it again, the ONLY thing that truly fills you is God, Spirit, Love.  THAT is the purist form of emotional and spiritual nutrition that exists.  You can run until you are on your knees, searching outward for that pot of gold.  The pot will ALWAYS turn up empty until you search inward and connect with Spirit.

Craig Hamilton, author of Broken Open, reveals his struggle with bipolar disorder and his clash with ego…”Ego can destroy.  At our most desperate point in life, our ego will not save us.  It is not a building block.  It is an intangible that cannot be sustained.  Even though I was absolutely destroyed, a tiny spark of my ego continued to burn in the dark.  After all I had been through, that granule of ego continued to resist by refusing to let me accept that I needed help.  It hung on, telling me that I could still get out of my predicament.  It is illogical, enmeshed with the survival instinct, and it doesn’t want to let go.  This was a battle that had to be fought between two opposing sides within me.  Thank God, the right side won.  My ego had been the agent which had refused to allow me to concede that something was seriously wrong.  And, to hold that position, my ego fought almost to the very death-my death.”  Craig’s courageous journey brought him from the depths of denial to the light of acceptance.  Thank God Spirit won.  Craig is here today to talk about his struggle and is helping many others through his book and his motivational speaking.  In helping others he is helping himself.

Pay attention to Spirit and the messages that come to you.  God is always guiding you, you just have to open your eyes, heart and mind.  Sit with yourself.  Listen to the sound of the universe.  Give service to others, unconditionally,with no expectations, only love.  Reach inward and you will be full.  You will find peace.


4 thoughts on “EGO

  1. Cindy,
    What a great topic!
    The ego does serve it’s purpose for some things but overall it will bring you down.
    When someone is driven by their ego, they are unconscious.
    Their mind /ego keeps telling them that they need more money, more attention, more material things, more of what the person next store has, more of societies projections of what is thought to be desirable.
    But the truth is that when the ego runs your life, one is very empty inside and seeking love.
    They will find a million excuses of why they need the things they do but it is never the case.
    The ego teaches us to truly go within and find self love and God!

  2. Again, one of my favorite songs rings true. Gotta love George Harrison ! Words to live by ….

    wit-hin and wit-hout you
    We were talking – about the love that’s gone so cold and the people,
    Who gain the world and lose their soul – then you may find,
    pea-ce of mind, is waiting there
    And the time will come when you see we’re all one, and life flows on within and without you ”

    my other ego snuffing favorite is, ” there, but for the grace of God, go I “

    • Thank you, Paul! Great lyrics by a true poet. Lyrics say so much, don’t they? Funny thing, I drafted this Bob Dylan post yesterday…we’re on the same wavelength, my friend. Music and lyrics feed our soul! Enjoy the sunshine out there today….spring is in the air and in my step! Peace…

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