The Gift of Crisis

“Be thankful. You won’t be confronted with a crisis you can’t handle. The next time you’re confronted with what appears to be a crisis, just ask yourself, “What is the hidden blessing?” The deeper you look, the easier you will find it. When you do, you can say “good-bye” to its corresponding frustration, anger and depression. No tree stood strong without the wind. No person can be strong without a challenge.”  ~Dr. John Demartini

What difficulty have you experienced in your life that has brought you to your next level?  Every passage, every step you take contributes to the person you are today.  It is often the most painful times that create a strength within that pushes us to tackle that which we fear the most.  We tell ourselves, “hey, if I can make it through that the next task can’t be so hard.”  And often it isn’t.  Every crisis in our life can be turned into a gift.  It’s all how you view your potential as you move through the difficulty.  Always remind yourself that “this too shall pass”, and you will be better off for it.  I realize it’s not easy to think positively when something negative is happening around you but think in those terms and it will pass quicker than you can imagine.  It’s all a matter of perspective and we receive exactly what we perceive.

Acknowledge all gifts that the universe sends you….joyful, painful, blissful, monumental.  Express gratitude for the opportunity to build upon your spiritual core and reach your potential.  The sky is the limit!

6 thoughts on “The Gift of Crisis

  1. Truly without the pain, no growth can happen.
    I look back at all the pain I have endured since I was a small girl to the present moment and am grateful for all of it.
    It truly makes me the strong person I am today.
    Of course going through those difficult times were not easy when the painful events were occurring.
    I would have never looked at them as blessings in disguise.
    I have such clarity now. It truly is freeing!
    Pain is a wonderful teacher.
    It makes you look inside yourself to see who you really are.

  2. I love that-” we receive exactly what we perceive.” It’s so true Cyn. Man your posts are good. Like a daily reminder of what flows underneath.
    Caroline, my 18 year old daughter, has just returned from spending the winter in New Zealand. She did Ourward Bound when she was there. One of the lines that she came back with is “There is more in you.” It’s a great one to remember when we are in the middle of a crisis- and before we can discover the gift of it.

  3. I can definitely say that I have had the
    challenges, but when I look in the mirror these days, and see the gray hair I can say…”you’ve come a long way baby”! Life would be dull and boring without the peaks and valleys, and boredom doesn’t promote growth. This Earth school is about the test of human strength to overcome or succumb.

  4. Positive outlook on life….laughing as much as possible and keeping a smile on your face are essential. Life is a gift, friends are a gift and tough experiences keep you working for a better you……it works…..just believe in yourself and your strengh.
    Thanks for this one Cindy……

  5. Thank you all for your amazing, wonderful, insightful comments on this post! I have learned from each and every one of in this life and I feel so blessed to have had the experience of YOU!! My connection with each of you is a piece of my own learning and “unlearning” to achieve the serenity of each difficult experience in my life….namaste…..I LOVE you all!

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