Bird Songs

Listening to the sounds of spring

Robins flying by

Chirpings in the sky

Breathing in the air

Breathing out without a care

Sipping the health of greens

Revealing the glow upon this scene

This has been my day today

What a beauteous thing to remember to Play!


Wishing you all a wondrous Spring!  Take it in and never forget to smell the scent of the flowers as you pass them by…

3 thoughts on “Bird Songs

  1. Ok, you’re creeping me out, Cynthia, once again you nailed the theme of my day, birds ! Those lil feathery creatures have taken control of my world in three ways. One, the gulls, with their constant shrieking, in downtown are so bad that I’m just about to make a purchase offer on a house. A house that I particularly like because of it’s location at the edge of the wooods where I can enjoy the birds ( the second bird influence) Odd how one type of bird drives me towards the others. Thirdly, I’m just about to head up to the Nation Forrest to ride the dirt roads and enjoy the springtime, birds and all !
    As the ol’ saying goes, “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em” 🙂

  2. I’m telling you, Paul, energies that are connected in health-full ways in the universe sing the same tune! Here’s to finding your bird paradise….may the shriekers shrink and the chirpers expand! Hope you had a great ride today, friend….namaste

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