Find Your Feather

Oftentimes, as I am on my walk, I come upon something of meaning to me.  It may be a butterfly fluttering between the wildflowers, crickets singing in the background, or a frog leaping into the water puddles on the side of the road.  But most significant to me are the feathers I find along my path.  They always show up when I need them most.  On a day when I’m feeling out of sorts and unsure of my direction Spirit sends me this gift.  As I’m walking along, deep in thought, I look down….and there is my feather!  It always amazes me, like the first time.  My heart flutters, I smile, pick it up and carry it with me as I stroke every strand, feeling the strength of Spirit.  It is a reminder that angels are always around me  and God is guiding me every step of the way.  I don’t have to carry the heaviness or know the answers.  I can let go.  What a relief to truly believe that!  My day always starts over with a renewed sense of gratitude and inner security.

So what is it that you find along your path that reminds you of Spirit’s guiding light?  Look around you, be aware and know that it is there.  Feel your own perfection.  You are worth being loved, you deserve to receive and you deserve to enjoy the life that you have been given.

Every time I look at my feathers in the various special places in my house and office my soul reconfirms my connection to Spirit, and  I am filled with gratitude.  Look around, find your “feather”, it is there for you too!  Namaste.

12 thoughts on “Find Your Feather

  1. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you know the feather is meant just for you? Awesome when you think about all the feathers and all the souls just waiting to connect.
    Have a very special day Cindy you are doing just what you are supposed to be doing and I finally figured out so I am. Not everyone needs a publisher??

  2. You are so right on, Barbara! What better force than connection to Spirit….you know when you’re on YOUR path. No “earthly” strokings compare. Have a blessed day, my friend:)

  3. Cindy,

    How Beautiful that feathers are given to you by God on your walks when you are feeling out of sorts.
    The first’ feeling’ I received as they could be from your father as well, letting you know he loves you and is always there for you.
    I know he sends you coins too, from your previous blogs, but he may play a part in this as well.
    I love that you have a collection of feathers in your home from all your walks as a Beautiful reminder that you are loved and supported on your path!
    Love you!

  4. Cindy,

    I have a similar story to share.
    I was at the bookstore on Main street in Niagara Falls many years ago.
    I went in there to buy the book…..”Prayer of Jabez.”
    During that time I was going through much emotional pain over all that was around me and within myself.
    To back up just a little, my Aunt Janette who had passed away by that time, had given to me before she died her SILVER thumb rosary.
    I carried it in my pocket everyday after she died to keep her close to my heart and ‘feel’ her.
    That day I was in the bookstore buying the “Prayer of Jabez, I looked down on the floor right before the purchase and what was there?
    Yes, a GOLD thumb rosary!
    It wasn’t mine.
    I had mine in my pocket.
    I bent down to pick it up and gave it to the owner of the store.
    He said, “I don’t want it, it is yours, you found it and it is for you.”
    I whole heartedly Believe that my Beautiful Aunt Janette put it there to tell me that the book I was buying was important!
    When I got in the car, i cried and cried.
    I told her thankyou and how much I loved and missed her.
    The book, “Prayer of Jabez was a powerful read and miracles followed me thereafter.

  5. Oh Maria, we are so in tune….as I wrote this title, I realized “feather” is only one letter away from “father”, so yes, my Dad was in my thoughts as I wrote this. Your comment only solidifies our intuitions:) Love You too!! xoxoxoxo

    • How very cool Cindy!
      Yes it is one leatter away from father!
      Well between both of our intuitive insights, it is affirmed….lol!
      Love you!

  6. How beautiful, Maria!! Your Aunt Janette is absolutely with you and I believe our loved ones do show us their presence, we just have to LOOK! Your story gave me chills…Spirit is all around and I know that you have found so much love and peace through your own inner spiritual exploration….you are helping so many with your pure heart, thank you for being you! xoxoxo

    • That is so true Cindy!
      All we do have to do is LOOK!
      I love it all!
      And yes I have found peace through all of my spiritual work and through God!
      Thank You for all that You Are Cindy!

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