The answer might be


but the solution is always


Acceptance – the highest

form of intelligence           ~The Silence

When we truly accept who one is, how it is, what it is and why it is….inner peace always follows….

We may not have the answer on how we arrived.  We don’t need one.  What is, is.  As simple as that.


4 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Accceptance is the opposite of Resistance.
    When one resists what is true, pain always follows.
    One can feel the resistance in their body as it happens. Sickness on some level will happen as one’s immune system lowers during this time.
    Irritation, anger, resentment, frustration, tension and upset are just a few emotions one encounters during resistance.
    When acceptance arrive, true release occurs and the body responds accordingly.
    One begins to feel joy, happiness, freedom, and most importantly release! The body relaxes.
    The energy of acceptance is wide open and resistance is tight.
    It truly is amazing how the body and mind are interconnected with all that we engage in within our daily lives.
    Emotions are God’s gift to all to teach us where our paths are going.

    • Maria, your insight truly amazes me. So true what you write….acceptance and resistance, different ends of the spectrum, and the creation of different results! I choose to feel joy, happiness, freedom and release! Thank you for your pearls, I so much appreciate you!:) xoxoxox

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