Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

“The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.”  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Whatever it is you wish to bring into your life, you have the ability and power to manifest that desire.  What is it you are requesting to enhance your experience of daily living?  Put that intention out there, say to yourself, “I am creating this business”, “I am attracting positive people into my life”, “I send out love and receive love “, whatever it is you desire can, and will be, manifested with each step you take.  Write down your intention, stick it on a poster board, look at it everyday and remind yourself that you are able to bring to you whatever it is that you want!  Don’t sit around waiting for someone to do it for you, reach deep within and move to the challenge.  Put in your energy and hard work. When your intention comes to fruition you will feel the joy of accomplishment.  The knowledge that you manifested this on your own only makes it sweeter.

You have the power to create, and draw to you, all that awaits you in the universe!  Never forget that.  You have strength.  You have ability.  You have the power of intention.  Focus on your dreams and watch them come alive!


6 thoughts on “Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

  1. The power of intention is such a strong energy.
    To manifest what one desires is possible for all.
    The difficult part is that the mind needs to be
    very clear with the intention as well as keep the faith that it WILL happen.
    The spiritual intention is a combination of trust, faith, belief within all the cells of your being, and most importantly SURRENDER!
    Once all of these elements are in place within yourself, manifestation occurs.
    The hard part is not to get Attached to what it is you want.
    This will Only push it away.
    I feel the most important part in creating and manifesting what you desire is having trust and surrender in the mix.

  2. Writing it down is key. When it’s written it becomes real, no longer just an idea. Once a dream becomes real it won’t drift away and get lost in the mental static of everyday life.

    Dream it, write it, chip away at it, then you’ll be living it

  3. I intended you in my life at this very moment in time ❤

    Not to mention being with horses everyday, and having my own Interior Decorating/Consulting business.

    I am with 30 horses every day in some capacity; feeding, grooming, training, communing, loving, and just being with them.

    I started my own business called GO TO YOUR ROOM! DESIGNS this past fall.

    I intended these things right into fruition, and it is true, manifesting your EXACT thoughts is possible!

    YOU ROCK! Now, I am intending that we meet half way and do a girls' weekend! We are going to manifest that too!


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