Trusting Your Intuitive Self

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  ~ Albert Einstein

The intuitive self.  An amazing tool, if used.  There are many gifts residing within each and every one of us.  It’s just a matter of tapping into our inner voice.  The conscious mind steers our rational, trained thoughts.  The unconscious mind allows what the soul knows to come through.  ALWAYS trust the soul’s wisdom, it will not let you down.  When a thought comes to you out of nowhere, don’t ignore it.  Sit with it, allow the thought to show itself and FEEL what enters.  Your intuition is sharpest when your mind is quiet.  Racing through your day with no meditative breaks  will push away whispers from your soul.  Take the time to sit in the quiet, meditate, write in your journal, listen to soft music while sitting in the garden.  Find your quiet place and allow your intuition to work its magic.  It will guide you, all you have to do is listen and follow it!  I have found that my intuition is at its peak when I write.  The practice of tuning into my inner thoughts and living everyday in spiritual practice has opened my spirit up to the universe.  I am in awe of the love, kindness and generosity that has boomeranged back to me.

Where is it that your intuition “hits” you the most?  Funny enough, mine is in the shower as the water streams over me.  No surprise as I am the fish, a swimmer most of my life and a Pisces.  There is just something about the water that calms me and allows all pathways to enter.  I imagine it washes away other unwanted energy as well.  Thoughts come to me when I’m riding alone in my car or sitting in my kitchen writing, as I am now.  Find your place that allows your connection to Spirit to flow.  Take some time out everyday to tune in.  Ask your servant to go sit down and allow your gift to overflow.  Fulfillment will follow.


6 thoughts on “Trusting Your Intuitive Self

  1. That is so wonderful Cindy that you receive information while writing, in the shower, or driving in the car.
    This is your ‘still’ time to receive from your guides.
    When I first started to Open up to receiving my guidance, it too would be in the shower or the car.
    One time I was laying in the bathub and at the end of my feet was a small rainbow in the diameter of the tub!
    I was beside myself with giddiness when that showed up…….a rainbow in the bathtub???….lol!….I know, but it is true….lol!
    Also when I would go on walks in nature, that too would be the time I first began to receive ‘information’/guidance.
    Now, I’ receive’ information in my daily life and of course in dreamstate….lol!
    Intuition is a gift for everyone to use in their lives.
    It is Always there for us to follow .
    We truly need to pay attention to what we are feeling in our bodies, hearts and minds.

  2. Wow, Maria, I LOVE your rainbow in the bathtub! What a beautiful gift. The bath is another place I go to quiet my mind…light candles and meditate…so peaceful. Thank you, always, for sharing your wondrous, luminous, numinous experiences!! xoxoxo

  3. Calming waters, Rainbows in the tub ….. I want some of what you two are on ! Lol

    For me, walking is when the inner thoughts flow best. Give me a desolate road with no end in sight and I’m a happy boy !

  4. Well Paul, I have heard you say you do like the Beatles Sargeant Pepper….take yourself back there and use your imagination, RAINBOWS will appear!:D Happy serenity trails to you….:)

    • Lol!….
      Paul, I felt after i wrote that a a rainbow appeared in the tub while I was in it, that someone may think that I must be taking ‘something’ to experience that……lol…….amazingly enough, it happened naturally I promise you.
      It was a risk to share i,t but what the hec,k why not….lol… this point anything is possible in the world I live in…lol!

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