Spirit World

What do we mean by Spirits? Can we see them, sense them, feel them? Of course, I certainly have!

The word “spirit” could be defined as a luminous, ethereal form in another plane of existence. As in the mundane world, there are those that are friendly and some that are not. It is a matter of how you feel and sense at the moment. Trust your intuition.

There may be a feeling like a feather brushing across your cheek or arm. Maybe a feeling that someone is standing beside you. A slight breeze passing by you in a room with no logical reason for it.

Have you ever felt a touch on your shoulder or heard the sounds of footsteps, but are alone in a room? What about tapping noises, a voice, a sound, or a fragrance of some sort?

When pets seem to respond or see something that you cannot, a spirit may be around telepathically communicating with them.

Electrical devices act up, lights flicker and objects move for no apparent reason. There may be a shadow or image appear which causes you to do a double-take, but disappears quickly.

Any unusual happening is important. Not every experience is a big dramatic event. It may be that the smallest of incidents, carry the biggest message! I never doubt the messages that the Universe sends.

There is much sophisticated equipment today that may detect images and sounds. I have personally had the experiences in my “just ordinary”, simple, daily life. I follow the signs of nature, the animals, my dreams, and intuition.

I have had a past life regression with a very vivid former life discovery. At other times I have had an out of body experience and a near death experience.

I have had visions, heard a voice call my name in an empty room at different times. Hearing knocks on walls and footsteps with no one around has sent shivers up my back. Lights have gone on and off and I have seen fleeting shadows. In some experiences there have been visual changes while scrying. For years I have had premonitions, and many times prophetic dreams.

Several times a radio would static or turn on when not plugged into an outlet. My hand held CD player has made static sounds when unplugged. When I was at a mini-market on one occasion I was going to pour some coffee and the cup repeatedly moved away from my hand. Of course the other customers looked at me rather suprised.

One very uncanny experience was when I was sitting at my desk in the evening, and suddenly it felt as if someone walked right through me. It took my breath away and made me sit back in my chair and gasp. Within seconds I felt nauseated, but it lasted only a couple of minutes. I actually looked around to see if anyone was in the room. Of course there was no one. I think this was one of the most un-nerving events I have ever experienced.

I take random pictures of where I live and have had several photos show very unusual and strange things! I just use an old 35mm camera. I keep an album just for those unusual pictures.

These are a few of my personal experiences. There is still much skepticism, but I do feel that there is so much more to the world than just what we see. The unseen and undiscovered, the Spirit World. I feel there are no coincidences. Everything in its own time.

If you believe it… you will see it, hear it or feel it! Let your intuition guide you. Be open to the experiences.


This was written by my friend, Amanda.  I can tell you that all of these experiences she writes of are very real and true.  Our friendship has carried us through so much over the years, as well as our spiritual connection.  I love her dearly.  She has a beautiful website, seedsforsoul.com, which is in my links under the category, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness.


14 thoughts on “Spirit World

  1. I believe everything written in this post because I have had similar experiences, but until I read the last word I also believed it was written by you Cindy. How is that for strange!!

  2. Well, Barbara, I do have a strong intuitive side, and it is becoming stronger with my soul focused work. I have learned so much from Amanda (Raven) over the years, her “experiences” reveal just how in tune she is with Spirit. I would love to hear of your experiences sometime, if you are willing to share:) Peace….

  3. I too thought it was Cynthia’s piece until I got to the end, and, I have to say, I was somewhat relieved that it wasn’t. I’m not a big believer in spirits as described in the story, and in our society I think people who believe so strongly are often looked at with a sideways glance. Maybe it’s just me though because honestly I haven’t given spirits, as “real” things, much thought. Although, I can recall quit vividly many times as a child, and even a few times as an adult, when I’ve hauled ass and ran as fast as I could up the basement stairs because I was sure there was ” something” down there ! Who am I to say there wasn’t ? Was it real or just an overactive imagination gland ? ( there’s a gland for that, right ? ) Maybe kids and animals are more in tune and we’ve just lost touch as we got older and more synical

    Once again, a thought provoking post !

  4. Did I scare you, Paul? Haha! Everyone has their own beliefs and experiences, and I respect that. This is what I know to be the truth in my world, and others as well. If I am going to advocate living authentically then I must report my own truth. Those goblins in the basement…maybe it was your imagination, maybe it wasn’t…..:) Have a wonderful day, friend….maybe you will think about this some more today…maybe not….Peace bro

  5. Thanks Cynthia. You are very kind.
    Life is so busy that if anything ‘different’ does happen who really takes notice…most of the time? Many believe in God, or the Christ, and haven’t seen, but have felt the presence around them. Personally, I feel that whether one takes note of the Spirit world or not, that it gives so many a feeling that loved ones who have passed over are still around them from time to time. There is a Guardian Angel walking with each of us everyday and even though we cannot see , the Spirit is there. There are many ways to look at this Earth world as well as the Other world. I am scientific minded as well as a believer in the Spirit world. It seems the two working together is being taken into account more these days. Barbara Brennan was a physicist for NASA and her book of “Hands of Light” is an interesting read.

    LOL…if there isn’t a gland for imagination, the medical field will come up with one! 😉

  6. Wow Cindy!
    These happenings that Amanda experienced are quite something! The one that really caught my attention where it made me wide-eyed is the spirit walking through her! That had to feel intense.
    I do understand this as a similiar experience happened to me and afterward I was dry heaving.
    I too felt it was your ‘experiences’ until I reached the end and saw that they were Amanda’s!
    The spirit world is very real for me as well.
    I feel that I am always between the two worlds in the day as well as the night……..it is a true comfort!
    I have had many ‘experiences’ too like Amanda.
    I have heard my name called out while I was awake many times , heard someone crying and afterward that person called me to tell me their pains/hurts.
    I have felt a presence at my bed at night and truly felt this person’s energy . It is a old friend.
    There are just so many messages from the otherside that are communicated to us everyday.
    It truly is all God sent!
    I am grateful to be a ‘receiver’ and to send love to all that need it.

  7. Ok, two things

    one .. clearly when I spoke so quickly and said that I was relieved that the piece wasn’t written by cynthia, that comment said alot more about me than C. But that’s a can of worms we won’t get into today, haha

    Second … I guess I do feel that spirits are about but not in the same way Amanda does. An example. I love cool gray windy days. I’ve taken several solo walking trips to England and Scotland in the winter, my ancestoral homeland, just to experience the weather and walk from town to town. I can recall a day when I was walking through a long valley in Scotland, not another person in sight, no homes, just me and the path stretched out ahead of me, and I felt a strong connection to the place. It suited me. The weather, the terrain, etc, like I had been there before. Amanda may see that connection as the spirits greeting her, whereas I see it as those spirits are inside of me, not floating around as it were. The culmination of generations. Kind of a Circle of Life thing. So I suppose I do believe in spirits exept that they live in me, not around me. ( at least that would explain all the voices in my head, lol )

    Didn’t mean any insult to those who believe otherwise

    • What a beautiful picture you described in Scotland, Paul. How you express spirit reminds me of “The Lion King” when the father lion has passed and he’s talking to his son from the heavens…he looks down at him and says, “it’s in you, I live inside of you.” Yes, the Circle of Life…..Namaste, my friend

  8. Speaking to Paul…you know it would be a pretty boring world if we all thought alike, right? It is good for all of us to hear different views. (smiling)

  9. A-Raven, you’re right. it would be a strange strange world if everyone thought like me !

    Cynthia, I’ve never seen Lion King so i’ll have to reference my favorite movie about spirits. I can’t remember the title of it but , like Lion King, it had a big hit song. Maybe you can think of it’s title , the catchy song asks ” who ya gonna call ….. ?”. 😉

    peace !

  10. Hahaha, Paul! Thank you for my morning laugh!! What a great way to start the day…:) GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!

    And Paul, your intuition must be kicking in…you never saw “The Lion King” and yet you referenced a similar quote in the movie along with the song….hmmm….you are in tune, my friend;)

    Have a GLORIOUS day!

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