It’s Never Too Late

“There’s a wonderful Turkish proverb that succinctly relates a message underlying both the movie version of The Shift and the book of the same name. It says, “No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.” It doesn’t matter how long we’ve allowed ourselves to travel the road of our false self. We know when it isn’t leading us to a sense of purpose and significance, and we can admit we’re on the wrong path. The awareness that our life lacks Meaning is more than enough evidence that it’s time to make a U-turn.

In The Shift movie, I relate how I found the road that resonated with the calling of my soul. I did so by listening to what I was feeling deep within me, rather than what my ego was saying to me about how to capitalize on my fame by writing books to make more money. By trusting my inner excitement, I was able to make a big shift in my life, a real U-turn, away from writing about psychology to writing about living life from a spiritual orientation. That shift away from the Ambition of ego, which tried to control my writing and speaking career, put me on the path of Meaning.

When you turn away from ego control, what is it that you trust to guide you? There are three markers to look for on this road—trust in yourself, trust in others, and trust in the Source of being. When you trust in yourself, you listen to your soul speak and hear what your intuition or the “voice within” is saying. When you trust in others, you practice noninterference and free yourself from trying to control others who have their own inner voice to follow. When you trust in the Source of being, you trust the mystery of creation. The universal Source of all creation, invisible though it may be, guides you just as it guided your development in the womb. When you trust in Divine intelligence, you cooperate and invite the shift to Meaning. ”     ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

For those of you who know me,  you know that I have loved Wayne Dyer for many  years.  He is a caring, giving being walking this earth with so much love in his heart.  No matter your lot in life, he encourages one to find their heart’s desire.  Their truth.  No judgment along your path, only acceptance, wherever you are.  His books, DVD’s, and CD’s have carried me through so much in my life.  His voice is calming and his wisdom is comforting.  My sister and I had the pleasure of seeing him speak in person a few months ago, what a numinous night that was!  Love was entering from ALL directions, including our Dad.  Thank you, Wayne, for being the angel that you are!  Namaste…


7 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. Even on the wrong road, many times when you turn back, the view changes, time has passed so there’s new light, and it becomes an exciting new road !

  2. As they say, “you’ve come a long way, baby!” Soak up your new journey, Paul, you’ve earned every step! I believe the “wrong” roads are meant to be…otherwise, how would we ever learn and appreciate the sweeter side of life?

  3. I ‘m getting wise to you Cindy. I didn’t have to read the entire post to know you were quoting another! Wayne Dyer is a great source to quote!!
    Seriously I think the key word in the shift is “acknowledgment” of where you are right now and where you want to be. You can’t change what you can’t see.

  4. Beautiful, Barbara, and right on! Nor do we want to change the road we have traveled….it all manifests into the wondrous beings we are today:)

    p.s. keep your eyes open, I just might quote myself in the beginning next time;)

  5. Cindy,

    You are an Amazing and Talented writer whose wisdom is helping so many!
    I love all that you write about as it resonates with all that I feel.
    Thank you for all you share on this blog!

    Listening to your soul ‘speak’ is freeing!
    It buries the ego and allows our true self to fly!
    To live in our Truth is the Only way to live!
    Everything else is an illusion of the ego.

  6. I am currently listening to the CDs of Dr. Dyer called “Being in Balance”. He is an interesting man and as they say…right on!
    There are many twists and turns on our traveled roads, but it is the ‘pot-holes’ that help us grow and change directions. 😉

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