Indian Girl


bring you new energy by day,


softly restore you by night,


wash away your worries,


blow new strength into your being


gently through the world and know

its beauty all the days of your life  ~Apache Blessing

I’ve always felt connected to the blood and beliefs of the Native American culture.  In my past life regression, I was a little Native American girl riding her horse through the corn fields.  The intensity of my Mother’s love created a glow that was undeniable.  So much so it brought tears to my eyes.  Her love filled me with a warmth I cannot describe.  I sure felt it though.  I believe she is with me to this day.  My Father was a strong, loving man who made sure we were all well cared for.  Yep, this was my experience 10 years ago.  It was like one of those dreams that are so real you wonder if you dreamed it or not.  This is my truth.

When I landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 4 years ago, it felt so familiar.  Surrounded by red dirt, turquoise and brown skin, I knew I was home.  As I entered the resort for my book writing workshop more mementos jumped at me.  Then I entered my room, and who was on my wall but Sitting Bull!  Sitting Bull is my friend’s spirit guide and he has helped me through many a rough road too.  It was the exact picture that hangs in my friend’s office adjacent to mine, only this one was life-size!  I slept so comfortably in that room, feeling  protected.

When I reach to the sky and ground myself to the earth, I’m at peace.  They are my Spirit roots.  It is my home.


9 thoughts on “Indian Girl

  1. Oh Cindy,

    I love your experience when you went to New Mexico and saw Sitting Bull on the wall in your room.
    That is just a wonderful Affirmation of your past life as a Native American!
    There is nothing like that feeling of ‘home’ when you are in a unfamiliar surrounding.

    I too feel very Connected to the Native Americans.
    When I am with them I feel totally relaxed and understood.
    In my work as an OT, I have had a few clients that were Native American and we would Always connect at the heart when I was working with them.
    The Native Americans are very Soulful people who are completed connected to God source!
    I love their beliefs and ways of healing!

    • As always, we are on the same page Maria:) As a child, my best friend was Native American (you might remember her, her first name is Jenny). I was drawn to her and her beautiful parents. Again, I felt at ‘home’. No mistakes in life. Always follow your heart…

  2. A forgotten way. They were natural. As with any culture there are some of the ways we cannot agree with, but in truth, the American Indians simplicity would be a good path to walk even today.

    A version of their 10 commandments state:
    The Earth is our Mother, care for her.
    Honor all your relations.
    Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.
    All life is sacred-treat all beings with respect.
    Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
    Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
    Give constant thanks to Great Spirit for each new day.
    Speak the truth; but only of the good in others.
    Follow the rhythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun.
    Enjoy lifes journey, but leave no tracks.

    Imagine if people thought of this on a daily basis what a more spiritual and peaceful world it would be.

    Sitting Bulls strength, courage and standing up for what he believed to be right are what I honor in that Great Chief.

    • Raven, you have taught me so much….but mostly, you have taught me to live by these 10 commandments. So natural, pure and true. I thank you ,my Indian sister, for all that you are. Earth and sky blessings to you:)

  3. Raven,

    I just Love their version of the 10 commandments!
    This world would be amazing if All followed those things!
    Thank you for this information on their cultural beliefs!

  4. I’m just got around to reading this. Man you are good. I think my past life was in the victorian age, or something to do with a safari in Africa. Just a hunch. Maybe as I age I’ll have a little more time to focus in on it:-)

  5. I think our aging years to come will allow ourselves to focus in on a lot of things, Lou….I’m looking forward to it!:)

    Yeah, Victorian Age, African Safari…I see you there sista! We both lived in and around water, this I know….

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