Sing Me a Lullabye

“Sleep is the best meditation.”  ~Dalai Lama

When we consider the whole umbrella of healthy living, we think about nutrition, exercise, emotional expression, spiritual growth, along with many other aspects, but do we consider the amount of sleep we get?  Sleep is a crucial piece that is needed in order to maximize the benefits of all of the above.  If you do not feel rested in your mind and body it rejects all lines of learning.  Think about this, when you feel rested your mind is keen and your body is energized, ready to give and receive more energy.  You need to fill your own tank in order to reap the benefits of life.

Wayne Dyer has said that 5 minutes of meditation is like 7 hours of sleep for him.  He is a master!  I meditated for 15 minutes yesterday, the sun shining on me provided more energy.  I absolutely felt more vibrant and alive throughout the day.  I also know that I need a good night’s sleep.  A few hours doesn’t cut it for me.  When I meditate or rest for about an hour that does revive me, but let’s also look at prevention.  Some steps that have helped me get a good night’s sleep:

Take a warm bath or shower before bed

Read a book

Listen to a guided imagery/relaxation CD as you lay in your bed

Take a melatonin supplement, ask your doctor to recommend a reputable one

No caffeine or alcohol 5 hours before bedtime

Wind down with calming activities

Exercise during the day, no exercise just before bedtime

Meditate during the day

Express yourself emotionally and spiritually throughout your day

Journal your thoughts and feelings

Eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, and don’t forget your green smoothie!:)  Don’t drink your smoothie before bed, however, or you will be emptying your bladder throughout the night.  Yes, I learned that one night!  Drink your smoothie in the morning and right after working out in order to replenish your energy and muscle tone.

Sleep with no light in your room, or very little, if you need light.

Drink a sleepy tea like chamomile before bed.

I give my girls a back massage each night as they cuddle into bed.  It’s our calming ritual that binds us in many ways.

Happy slumbers, all.  Remember, replenish, give to yourself and others, replenish…always fill your tank!  Rest will come naturally the more you love and care for yourself.  Wishing you all a salubrious day!


8 thoughts on “Sing Me a Lullabye

  1. Great information Cindy, especially for those who suffer from insomnia!

    I love sleep and if I don’t get at least 7 hours in a night, I am thrown off the entire next day.

    Sleep is wonderful in so many ways…….it helps regenerate the cells in the body and it also allows for dreamstate to happen!

    When you think of sleep and the interconnection to the body and the amazement of dreamstate on all levels, you can only come up with the idea of God and how that is part of the workings of being alive!!!

    It is all just wonderous!

  2. I went to a big Eastern Swim Coaches conference in the fall…Michael Phelps’ coach was there, along with Dara Torres and other Olympians….When the nutritionist got up to speak, the first thing she said was, “Sleep is free training. Make sure you are getting enough sleep or all your training and proper nutrition won’t mean a thing.”

  3. So right on, Sue! The greatest athletes in the world know this….remember swim practices and meets? I always had so much more energy and speed when I felt rested. Your body always tells you. How wonderful Dara Torres and others were there…what a treat!

    Btw, I took a 2 hour nap yesterday! My body and mind must have been telling me I needed sleep as I wrote on this topic:)

    • in addition, lack of sleep effects your hormonal and cortisol levels, creating weight gain and health problems if not adhered to…pay attention to SLEEP! Another benefit, your dreams reveal inner needs when you sleep deeply…another form of meditation.

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