Define Rich

We are ALL Rich


have MONEY    ~The Silence

Think about it.  How do you value yourself?  Is it through outer means or inner assets?  The richest I have ever felt is when I am in balance with my mind, body, spirit and emotion.   No one and no-thing can touch me when I am in that space.  A beautiful place to be….


8 thoughts on “Define Rich

  1. We are what we think. When life gets you down; just get up. It is that simple. It is easy to get out of balance at times as we are only human. A key to balance is when the outer you and inner you are the same. In other words, what we present to the world and when our true inner self are in sync. Richness to me is the ability to see a rainbow even through the toughest times.

  2. Being rich to me has only to do with inner richness.
    Material things never really mattered to me as long as I can remember.
    As I became more aware of my truths and filled myself up with love everything around me seemed futile.
    Filling your life with material things will only make you more empty inside once the rush of the ‘thing’ that was purchased wears off.
    I see life as having what you need to be functional and it feeling comfortable to you.

    Cindy,I love what you said about that no one can touch you when you are in that ‘space’.
    Many years ago when I was finding out who I was and feeling this exact thing, the song on the radio came on with the lyrics….”.nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, can’t touch this”……lol….I can’t think of who sings it right now but i know you know the song.
    Everytime I hear it , it reminds me that nobody can ever touch me and bring me down as I am whole.
    I love it!

  3. You are completely whole Maria! So true that when we attempt to fill ourselves with material things it wears off as quickly as it comes. It is a false filler and often leaves you more empty than when you started. Addiction of all types is the same effect. You think you can fill yourself with people, drugs, sex, food, etc, but ultimately, the only truly satisfying feeling is when real love is poured into your tank. This we receive from our own inner love and from those that truly love us.

    Can’t touch this! MC Hammer…never forget those poofy pants! haha. You are so right on, no bursting the bubble when surrounded with inner love. I will always think of you and this topic whenever I hear that song now:) xoxoxo

  4. I love it when I feel that way. Eventually I find myself being pulled towards the materialistic dark side. Sometimes it is harder than other times to get back to that peaceful place of enough…but I’m always grateful when I get there.

    • That is all so true Cindy about addictions of food, sex, drugs, food and people. So many try to fill themselves with those things only to find out that they are still empty inside.
      Love is all there is!
      I too Now will think of You and this blog that you wrote when I hear MC Hammer.
      Thank you , my mind was blank……yes that is who sing that song.

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