The Mirror of Myself

For those of you who feel frustrated or angry with one close to you, I suggest you stop that thought of projection and take a good look at your own reflection.  Most often, we subconsciously choose these people to enter our lives in order to learn and work through our own battles.  If we are always projecting onto others we will never learn what it is we are attempting to teach ourselves.  Accept your lessons and learn from them.  Just as we practice acceptance and nonjudgment of others, extend the same to yourself.   We are meant to learn as we travel this earth.  Don’t miss the opportunity to look inward and grow with each reflection.  Focus on yourself and allow others to experience their own journey.  Everyone’s road is individual and meant to be their inner schooling.

Step into your travels, feel the joy and pain of all your choices, and allow others to experience theirs. As we become whole individually, we will appreciate the works of art that we are, as well as the beauty of others.

Look into your mirror today.  What is it that you SEE?


4 thoughts on “The Mirror of Myself

  1. Cindy,
    This is so very true and can be confusing to many when they are going through it.
    The initial thought/feeling is that the person who is causing you pain, frustration, annoyance, ect………is really Your Teacher!

    Before we enter our bodies from the otherside, we choose these souls to cause us pain and suffering so we can learn who we are.

    I choose some really painful experiences to to find out who I was.

    These souls who created such pain and heartache for me have given me my life’s’ greatest lessons.

    I wouldn’t change a thing about it because I now see who I am!

    So the next time someone causes you pain in any way, just say to yourself…….Teacher.
    Also ask yourself what is it that I am suppose to learn about myself in this scenario.

    The answer will eventually manifest itself and the release and wisdom will begin to flow within.

  2. It is very helpful to remember that we did choose the experiences we are living. Sometimes we wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING when I did that? A bit of humor helps soften the pain.

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