Secret Words

I once had a wise old woman tell  me a secret.  She told  me if I regularly used twelve words in my vocabulary my light would shine brighter.  Actually, scientifically, she explained that using these words would affect how my brain processes my view of life.  As we are taught the perception and meaning of these words in our culture, you can understand why verbalizing them often would embed visions in our minds.  For those of you who know me, you know I use these words often.  Every time I write, voice or think of them I can’t help but light up.  Their definition warms my heart and so does the memory of that wise old woman who illuminated my life!!













~The Silence

And so, there you have it,  express with these beauteous words and feel the smile come to your face:)


5 thoughts on “Secret Words

  1. How very cool Cindy!

    You do use these words alot!

    There must be something to the’ ous’ ending of the words that have a High Vibration along with the Energy of the meaning of the words in combination!

    It is so true if one uses negative words all day then they will attract negativity back into their energy.
    It will spiral out of control.
    So even if one is having a bad day, they could change up the energy by reflecting on the positiveness of the negative situation.


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