Lesson 101

“The lessons you avoid will inevitably present themselves upon your path…” ~CWB

As painful as the lesson appears to be, it is often less painful when you allow yourself to experience it.   Wherever you go, there you are. Might as well look deep within that reflection called YOU.  Life will flow….no more running from yourself, just a slow joyous ride….

Your mirror awaits.


6 thoughts on “Lesson 101

  1. Yes Cindy, I like to refer to them as repeated patterns.

    If the lesson was not learned then the pattern will repeat itself again and again and again.

    Your soul is experiencing itself and wants to learn what it was that it came here for so you don’t have to come back to relearn it over and over.

    I tell everyone that I hope I am finished this time around as I don’t want to return….lol….!
    I feel so ancient sometimes deep within on a wisdom level which tells me that I may have been here a zillion times…..lol….I hope I got it right this time!

    Love you!

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