Lines of Beauty

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

My lifetime friend, Louise Cady-Fernandes, has started a wonderful new venture.  It is a topic that many in our culture are afraid to touch.  Louise found this out as she searched out similar views.  Sadly, not much was found.  The area of interest?  Aging.  Something so many in our culture appear to be afraid of embarking on.  I remember studying this phenomenon in college.  The media and certain groups promote youth, tight skin and invisible waistlines.  Why is it that we shy away from the beauty of aging?  Yes, youth can be beautiful, and so can that gorgeous woman who smiles with her eyes.  Feathery lines outlining the wisdom that remains underneath.  Why is there fear attached to aging?  Is it that we are closer to death?  Why not embrace the process that takes us to our last day?  All the life, the experiences, the pain, the wisdom acquired, the joy, the whole roller coaster!

Recognize the beauty of our teachers, our mothers, our fathers, ourselves, as we age.  Live healthy and naturally, treat our bodies with respect and love.   Allow our bodies to age gracefully with every nutritious meal you eat, every energetic step you take and every experience you encounter in this wondrous thing called life!

You’ve earned every line of beauty….  Louise has featured her amazing Mom as the “Beauty of the Week” on her blog.  I know she is truly Louises beauty of Louises life.

4 thoughts on “Lines of Beauty

  1. Cindy,

    I love Louise’s new site! She is wonderful to bring this idea of aging up and to do it gracefully.
    I love the idea of aging as that is the divine plan.
    We are not meant to be youthful forever.
    It is a natural process of evolution.
    So why resist what is inevitably going to occur?

    Maybe the fear is about death being near or maybe there is regret about what was missed in one’s youth, or just that aging is associated with not being beautiful anymore because of societies standards.

    It is ok to age. It doesn’t mean that one is no longer beautiful, or can’t enjoy life.
    It is all part of the cycle of life.

    I love my forties and I don’t ever wish I was young again.

    I appreciated all of my years and am looking forward to the rest of my life.


  2. If I may be blunt here…women who are aging aren’t as gullible and naive which of course in turn gives them an edge or more of a voice, so to speak. They don’t buy into the sales pitches or the cosmetic industry as much. Older women get smart with choices and speak out. So hail to the Crones out there…wear that Purple Hat! Every line is the road to wisdom and who cares if we get politically incorrect. Live the aging years with gusto!
    I am rooting for the site-lines of beauty!!!, because I am an oldie… but a goodie. 🙂

  3. Cyn thanks for including Lines of Beauty in you daily post. You are so supportive and wonderful. And thank you Mara and Raven for your comments. In growing older we just need to change the channel in our heads that can replay so many negative things looming about in our culture about aging. We are like fine wines, getting better every day.

    • We all LOVE Lines of Beauty, Lou!! As Raven speaks, “Hail to the Crones!” We do only get better and wiser with age…wise to a lot of things:) I thank each of you (Maria, Raven and Lou) for being wonderful friends and teachers in my life….xoxoxo

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