The Joy of Zen

Real Zen…



if not for thought

one could be


RIGHT NOW    ~The Silence

Our direct intuitive insight allows us to drop all illusion and tune in to the stillness of our mind, body and spirit.  Thought distorts this blending of presence.  Be joyful.  Be loved. Be held.  Just be.


3 thoughts on “The Joy of Zen

  1. Didn’t Bobby McFarren make a boatload of money by paraphrasing that thought and putting it to music ? ” don’t worry …. be happy” 🙂

    It’s true. We often lose track if how great right now is by worrying about something that most likely won’t ever happen.

  2. Being in the moment is inner peace.
    It eliminates the mind chatter that goes on in our heads.
    Isn’t it amazing how many useless thoughts run through our heads on a daily basis?!
    When you can allow yourself to be present with all that is around you, life becomes clear and refreshing.
    It also makes for a long precious day filled with peace, love and joy as it isn’t wasted on senseless thoughts that drain your energy and make you blind on what is right in front of you.

    Being present reminds you that you are Alive and makes you aware of the mere existence of being a vibrant energy in this vast uinverse!


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