Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

“Never  underestimate the power to change yourself.  Never overestimate the power to change others.”  ~H. Jackson Browne, Jr.

Change.  What is in our control, and what isn’t?  We always have the ability to change ourselves.  It is a matter of willingness, action and surrender.  Willingness to take that first step, in that first moment.  Gathering the courage to step into action, pushing away fearful thoughts.  Surrendering to that which is higher and more powerful than you.  Trust yourself and Spirit, that you are not only capable of change, it is a natural process in your everyday life.  Create positive reminders of changes you are requesting.  Put up post it notes in your surroundings, write in your journal, create a vision board.  Set your intentions and then act!  Pay attention to your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health as you set the tone.  Your inner and outer balance is needed in order to gather the strength to pursue your desires.  Give service to others.  The more we give with compassion in our hearts, the more we fill with the love that is needed to give to ourselves.  Ask for help.  Open yourself up to the possibility of others entering your life to assist you.  Tap in to your intuitive self and, as always, LOOK for the signs.  Pay attention.

As far as changing others….for those of you who have attempted this, what comes to your mind?  Is it like banging your head against the wall, over and over again?  Plain and simple, it doesn’t work!  You can lead a horse to water but you know you can’t make them drink.  You can encourage, suggest, send love and prayers, and that is the extent of your energy you should give.  Extend your energy into what you can change, YOU!  Those around you will eventually respond and work to change themselves, or you will move on to new surroundings more conducive to your world.  The right people and events will show up at exactly the right time.

Change.  Scary, exciting, needed, fruitful and fulfilling.  Put your smile on and get to it!


5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

  1. Your post today basically sums life up into a little nut shell. Like a 101 for living. Beautifully written once again Cyn and a great reminder especially about not trying to change others. Life really is about continually changing, and rebalancing. The older I get the more I realize how fluid life is, and how great it is that we always have at our fingertips the option to change and morph into who we truly are. All we have to do is follow our hearts. Like you said-pay attention.

  2. Cindy,

    I love this topic of change. (and the song…

    Change may be intimidating but it also can be enlightening.
    Change is always available if we choose to walk into the unknown with faith and trust .

    I love change as it brings so much newness and learning to oneself.

    What a wonderful lesson learned in life, not to ever try to change anybody.
    Everyone learns at their own pace and in their time.
    To try to change someone to fit one’s life, is to interfere with one’s personal soul journey.

    It can be frustrating to watch and be part of, but releasing over to the Universe/God is the only thing that works.

    Change is the flow of life.

  3. I don’t know about any of you but David Bowie kept flowing through my head yesterday…”turn and face the strain, ch ch changes…” In the end, it’s all good. All meant to be, no matter the road you must travel to get there. Lessons along this path called life! Have a wondrous day my friends! xoxoxo

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