Sensuous Healing

“Nothing can cure the senses but the soul, just as nothing can cure the soul but the senses.” ~ Oscar Wilde

What have you enjoyed in your life lately that has appealed to all of your senses?  Sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing are all senses of your body that require attention in order to truly appreciate life.  What memories resurface when you hear a personally meaningful song, smell the scent of your favorite flower, feel the touch of a soothing massage, taste your favorite fruit or gaze at  a majestic landscape?  Close your eyes and imagine….now, go experience each one!  Take the time out of your day to pamper yourself.  No excuses.  Treat yourself to what life has to offer.  Go sit on the beach and pour the sun-baked sand over your legs.   Spend a night at your favorite Inn and lavish in all it has to offer.  Pack a sumptuous lunch and savor it as you sit under your favorite tree.  Go for a car ride with all the windows open and sing at the top of your lungs, breathing in the fresh air.  Cash in that spa certificate you received a year ago and completely forgot about.  Book that hot air balloon ride you’ve always dreamed about flying in!

Whatever it is that allows you to feel ALIVE follow it.  Experience it, feel it and love every minute of it!


3 thoughts on “Sensuous Healing

  1. Cindy,
    I feel most alive when I am relaxing into the experience of Love and all its Radiant energy.
    Love is everywhere and exsists within all of us.
    When it is given or received, the sense of ones exsistence awakens the soul.

  2. C

    That’s exactly what I plan on doing today. Just knock out a lil’ work first then go play outside with my toys. Awaken my inner explorer and pirate. Arghh !


  3. Personally I am enjoying watching the Greenman of Nature spread all the new growth across the land. Watching the one raindrop become the river. Listening to the messages the Wind brings. Thanking the Creator for all the blessings we are given every day. To be alive. And…a good cup of coffee!

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