The Second Attention

“The first time that we learn how to dream, there are many things that we don’t like, that we are against, but we just accept the dream as it is.  Then, for whatever reason, we become aware that we don’t like the way we are living our lives; we become aware of what we are dreaming, and we don’t want that dream.  Now we try to use the attention a second time to change our dream, to create a second dream.  This is what the Toltec call the dream of the second attention, or the dream of the warriors, because now we declare a war against all the lies in our knowledge.”  ~Don Miguel Ruiz, The Fifth Agreement

The minute we are born, we come into a world of rules and regulations.  As time goes on, these “rules of living” are piled into our psyche.  The dos and don’t s of what is accepted in our culture.  We are trained to be “good” girls and boys without a thought given to the natural course of each individual and life as a whole.  We are programmed through our parents, school, employment and societal rules.  We are taught to follow or we will get burned.  So we learn to keep our hands off the stove and run the tapes in our heads, over and over again.  As time goes on, some of us begin to question if these tapes are in tune with our authentic selves.  We begin to sense what feels right in our personal existence and tune in.  When we are in alignment with our core selves, a feeling of freedom persists.  It is an opposite feeling of living in the “supposed to” box.  That is when the war begins.

Which do you choose when the war in your mind tells you to follow that which you know is not speaking YOUR truth?  You know you suffer when you don’t honor your own truth.  If you choose suffering, so be it, just know that you chose that path.  We all have choices and no past experience dictates that for us.  What we choose in the present is how we choose to live now.  If you were taught to carry guilt and shame, or anger and self-pity, over certain life experiences, you have a choice to carry that with you too…or to move on.  Forgiveness of yourself, and others, is a release.  The choice to live in the present time, attuned to your authentic self reaches beyond freedom, it is expansion.  When we are true to ourselves we connect to the glory of the universe.  No inner wars, only freedom in our natural state of being; And the greatest of these is LOVE.

May peace follow you as you follow your heart.


3 thoughts on “The Second Attention

  1. Cindy,
    This is wonderful and speaks of so much!

    To know your Truth is to know God!

    It is amazing how the mind is programmed from the time we enter this earth by parents, family, and surroundings.
    Some of what is taught is necessary for our growth and survival, but the rest is not our path.
    It is what is expected from society or our up bringing that may clash with our soul’s journey because it isn’t what we are meant to be!
    We forget who we are because we have these tapes in our head.
    Following your Truth is challenging but so beautiful once reached as this is the experience of your soul!

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